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Special Students, Monumental Achievement


As I turned to the Style section in the Washington Post today, I was pleasantly startled to see a familiar face gazing out from the feature story photo. Sharon Brady Raimo ’69 was comfortably perched in a circular cutout in a bright orange wall at the spectacular new building she took from concept to reality as the CEO of St. Coletta Special Education Public Charter School. What a triumph for this remarkable Trinity Woman! Sharon has been an unstoppable force in creating this incredibly progressive center for the education of special needs students. So powerful was her vision that she not only secured the $32 million required for the building, she also convinced renowned architect Michael Graves to design it.

Sharon Raimo is yet another exemplar of the extraordinary commitment of Trinity graduates to progressive education and real social justice. Because of her drive, her effective advocacy, her large vision, the lives of special needs students and their families are so much the better. We will have an appropriate occasion in the months ahead to celebrate with Sharon the opening of St. Coletta’s new facility and her many accomplishments. Congratulations, Sharon! Trinity is proud of you!

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