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Phenomenal Women


“My mother has taught me how to deal with life and its obstacles. She personifies…Maya Angelou’sPhenomenal Woman.’ We have overcome so many obstacles. She is my motivation and source of my thirst for success.” (From an application essay written by a new student entering Trinity College of Arts and Sciences in Fall 2006)

Every year, I read the application essays of the new students entering the College of Arts and Sciences, and every year I am deeply impressed with the tremendous ambition, courage, pride and sense of challenge our students bring to their college days. Particularly noteworthy is the role that strong, courageous women have played in the lives of the young women who are now Trinity Women. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, guardians, friends — our new students write about their inspiration, their struggles, their courage, their triumphs over hardship.

“Being a single grandparent, my grandmother made sure I had a good life — making sure I had friends and was always active. Living in a brownstone over seventy years, my grandmother has been through it all — remembering the days of Martin Luther King and living through the Harlem Renaissance, she has become a stronger African American woman today. She walks with pride; she is my inspiration.” (From a new student essay)

During the last two weeks, Trinity has welcomed hundreds of new students to campus in the School of Education, School of Professional Studies, and College of Arts and Sciences. The new student group in CAS is our largest since the late 1960’s — we’re still counting, but the number is certainly more than 200 as of this writing.

The young women enrolling in Trinity College (our historic name for our historic women’s college) bring many talents and amazing personal stories to our campus. During the next week I will introduce them to you through sharing some of their essay quotations and achievements thus far in their young lives. They are a credit to their families — and to the phenomenal women who taught them, raised them and inspired them all along the way.

“My mother worked hard to bring my siblings from Africa so they would be able to have a better education in the U.S. My mother…taught me the importance of education, and that if I focus I can accomplish my dreams…” (From a new student application essay)

From all of us in the Trinity community, a big THANK YOU to all of those wonderful women who have meant so much to our students.

Keep watching this blog for more on Trinity’s newest generation of students who will also earn the right to wear the mantle “phenomenal women” through their achievements in the months and years to come.


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