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Project Strike Out

- The Chronicle of Higher Education just posted an online news item about “Project Strike Back,” a program in which the U.S. Department of Education shared with the F.B.I. information about students who applied for federal financial aid. The article goes…
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Phenomenal Women

- “My mother has taught me how to deal with life and its obstacles. She personifies…Maya Angelou’sPhenomenal Woman.’ We have overcome so many obstacles. She is my motivation and source of my thirst for success.” (From an…
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Survivor Must Die

- Back in the day, when “diversity education” was still a relatively new concept, some teachers would do an exercise with their classes that involved separating the brown-eyed and blue-eyed children to simulate the idea of segregation in society. Often, things…
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August 20: Happy Birthday, Trinity!

- August 20, 1897: Six Sisters of Notre Dame sign the Certificate of Incorporation that establishes Trinity College: CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION Know All Men By These Presents, That we, the undersigned, members of the congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame…
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11 of 500

- Hooray for Indra K. Nooyi who will become Pepsico, Inc.’s new chief executive officer. When she moves into the corner office in October, she will be only the 11th woman CEO among the Fortune 500 companies. Progress? 2% female representation…
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Women Lifting As We Climb

- Women who work in places where women have achieved high executive levels are more likely to earn more money than women who work in male-dominated companies. Last weekend, the American Sociological Association released this new study by Dr. Philip N.…
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Touching the Pipeline at Prudhoe Bay

- I remember standing on the tundra at Prudhoe Bay, under a sign with a big “0” to mark the origin of the Alaskan oil pipeline. There was a small place at the start of the pipeline where visitors were…
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Fires Across the Landscape

- I started this morning 4000 feet above daily life, on a high wilderness plain called Dolly Sods in West Virginia. From the northeastern ridge of this strangely beautiful place of streams and rocks and bogs (once part of a farm…
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