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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Eye of the Storm

- Many members of the Trinity community know that our student Marisa Dabney has been in Lebanon during the last two weeks as the war between Israel and the Hezbollah has broken wide open. A story in her hometown paper Honolulu
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Back Rubs and Boys Clubs

- The most remarkable video clip to emerge from the recent G8 Summit of world leaders was not the one revealing that the President of the United States knows how to use the “s” word. That clip was hardly worth the…
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Brookland to Beruit to Bombay

- Several young women are in my thoughts right now as events grow more ominous from Brookland to Beruit to Bombay. One young woman is in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) where she is running an AIDS prevention project. She wrote to me…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part IV

- Forever Wild. That’s the shorthand phrase for the century-old public policy in New York that safeguards the remarkable Adirondack wilderness. In 1894, at the apex of the first stage of the Industrial Revolution, conservationists expressed increasingly strong concerns about the…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part III

- The road between Long Lake and Tupper Lake (Rte. 30) runs through 22 miles of beautiful wilderness. This sinuous stretch of two-lane blacktop crosses marshes and cuts through small mountains, exposing the ancient bedrock. Deep forest shrouds both sides. The…
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