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Friendship and Remembrance


Gales of laughter and happy shrieks of recognition filled the Marble Corridor for the last few days as Trinity alumnae from the classes ending in 1 and 6 gathered from their many far-flung lives to renew friendships, catch up on the news of intervening years, and remember their college days. What a great party! The Class of ’71 danced into the night at the Red Roof Cafe in O’Connor auditorium. The Class of ’36 amazed everyone with their great achievement of a 70th Reunion. The Class of ’81 reveled in their 25th, while the Great Red Class of 1956 shone golden for their 50th reunion moment.

Fittingly, Alumnae Reunion is the culminating event of every academic year at Trinity, a time post-Commencement when the women who marched boldly into the world with their Trinity degrees across the ages return with their tales from the front lines of life. They return to assure alma mater of their fidelity to her lessons and values; they return to check up on her, to see if she’s still as strong and vital as she was in their student days.

Most of all, however, alumnae return to drink once again from the replenishing well of friendship, to reclaim and renew the special bond among classmates, to indulge in the pleasure of remembrance as a lifeline for days yet to come.

And, suddenly, it’s over, all too soon. Swept back to the tide of routine days, alumnae bid farewell with firm promises to stay in closer touch — emails exchanged and cell phones recorded; to track down those who did not come this time to tell them what they missed; to gather soon again, perhaps in some exotic spot before the next quinquennial reunion at Trinity.

Since my days as a Trinity junior, I have attended all 33 reunions in the intervening years, and each exudes the special joys of Trinity Women gathering in friendship. Fashions have changed, to be sure! Long gowns for cocktails and dinner have given way to more casual (and cooler!) attire on all. Clamdiggers abound. Less time for cocktails, more time in the new pool and fitness center. But while the superficial events and images of this motion picture keep changing, the timeless qualities of the Trinity family remain as constant themes: high achievement, great devotion to families, care for friends, deep faith.

Happy reunion to all Trinity alumnae! Special congratulations to the Class of 1956 on your 50th!

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