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Darfur Demonstration: Trinity Women Speak Out


Once again, Trinity Women demonstrated their commitment to social justice through their participation in today’s (Sunday, April 30) demonstration for Darfur on the Mall. Alex Kogan shared her eyewitness perspective: “Trinity student Tanjier Belton tirelessly advertised and organized on behalf of the rally. One of the honored speakers was Trinity alumna Nancy Pelosi, who echoed tenets of Trinity’s commitment to helping the poor and serving the global community. Chanting “Not On Our Watch”, university students, politicians, activists, religious groups, and Darfur survivors made for a wonderful atmosphere, and the feelings of peace and social change were in the air. Having read an account of a Sudanese woman in Dr. McGinnis’ Political Lives of Women Class, I felt prepared to attend the rally and understand the issues at hand. I was proud and fortunate to be able to attend this great event, especially in the midst of likeminded Trinity women.”

The violence and genocide occurring in Darfur have tormented the citizens of that sad place for years. Yet, American media have paid little attention to this tragedy. This morning on one of the early news shows, Olympic Speedskater Joey Cheek said that he contributed the $25,000 he earned from winning an Olympic gold medal to Darfur relief because so little attention has been paid to the Sudanese crisis. He went on to say that it shouldnt take celebrities (himself, George Clooney, Elie Wiesel and others)to draw attention to the needless deaths of millions of people. “This is one world, and we are all one family,” said Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of the Washington Archdiocese. “What happens to the people of Darfur happens to us.” (quote from the Washington Post)

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