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Bravo! Full NCATE Accreditation for Education!


With great pride, I am pleased to announce that Trinity has received full accreditation from NCATE, the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education. This is a great achievement, the result of nearly five years of intense, disciplined work by our faculty and administrative team in the School of Education. Thanks are due, in particular, to Dean of Education Suellen Meara, Assistant Dean Lynn Johnson, and Director of Teacher Education Dr. Roberta Dorr, as well as to all of the faculty who have done so much to ensure Trinity’s national recognition in all of the programs in the School of Education.

This recognition is certainly well-deserved. One alumnus of our School of Education aptly summarized the great work of our Education Faculty in a message he sent me recently: “I received my Master of Education from Trinity¬† in 2005. I am now approaching the end of my second year of teaching 6th grade ESL students for D.C. Public Schools. As you know, reading and mathematics is the backbone of the elementary school curriculum. Thanks to the excellent training I received from the Education Department at Trinity , I have been able to raise my students’ reading and math comprehension scores by multiple grade levels. Drs. Litt and Fadli are incredible assets and resources for your organization. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t send a “spiritual thank you” for being led to Trinity and these two excellent professors.”

As we celebrate this latest success in Trinity’s long story of educational achievement, we should also salute the century-long tradition of teacher preparation that has been a true hallmark of Trinity since its founding. Over the ten decades since the first class started in 1900, our studies show that nearly one-third of our graduates have been elementary and secondary school teachers at some point in their careers. Another large group have been school administrators and guidance counselors. Trinity also boasts a healthy contingent of school, college and university librarians, as well as librarians working in public libraries.

All of these Trinity graduates are devoted to the advancement of our society through the careful cultivation of intellect. Our alumnae and alumni have worked tirelessly to educate the rising generations of citizens and leaders in classrooms ranging from the earliest of early childhood centers to grade schools and high schools and colleges and universities all over the world.

In pursuing this great teaching mission, Trinity graduates around the world exemplify and enlarge the mission of Trinity and also the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, whose fundamental mission is in education to those in need, with an emphasis on women and girls.

To all Trinity teachers, principals, counselors and educators: a huge THANK YOU for living our ideals and extending the values of Trinity to your students each day. Congratulations again to our faculty, staff and students in the School of Education for your remarkable achievements and devotion to excellence in teaching.

P.S.: I welcome comments from Trinity teachers and administrators about your experiences in your schools. Please just click on the envelope below or the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page, or send me a message at Please let me know if I can use your comments publicly in a future blog. Thanks!

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