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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Darfur Demonstration: Trinity Women Speak Out

- Once again, Trinity Women demonstrated their commitment to social justice through their participation in today’s (Sunday, April 30) demonstration for Darfur on the Mall. Alex Kogan shared her eyewitness perspective: “Trinity student Tanjier Belton tirelessly advertised and organized on behalf…
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Advocacy and Activism: Grand Trinity Traditions

- Thanks to the great work of Christina Miller and her colleagues among the College Democrats and with the support of many other students, Trinity will host a “primetime” debate of all of the D.C. Mayoral candidates on Tuesday, April 25…
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Dream Machines: College Admissions

- Earlier this week, Trinity experienced an extraordinarily affirming moment: a team of visitors from the Middle States accrediting association spent three days on our campus, following our self-study, and in their exit report they praised the many transformative and…
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Bravo! Full NCATE Accreditation for Education!

- With great pride, I am pleased to announce that Trinity has received full accreditation from NCATE, the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education. This is a great achievement, the result of nearly five years of intense, disciplined work…
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