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A Cheating State of Mind

- One day he was famous for being a new, brash, acerbic conservative blogger on The next day he was a disgraced ex-Post-staffer. What happened to Ben Domenech? Plagiarism. Plain and simple, the most elementary form of academic…
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Women Law Partners: 17% Is Not Good Enough!

- “Why Do So Few Women Reach the Top of Big Law Firms?” Writer Timothy L. O’Brien poses that question in today’s New York Times (Sunday, March 19, 2006). The article explores the various reasons why women, although nearly 50% of…
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The Power of Trinity Students!

- The Washington Post has published an eloquent letter-to-the-editor that Trinity student Charlotte Williams wrote about Susan Kinzie’s article on Trinity’s program at THE ARC. In her letter Ms. Williams objects to the reporter’s characterization of the students at THE ARC.…
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Fairways and Fair Ways

- An article in the Sunday New York Times describes how the path to corporate board seats and executive suites still tracks through the prestigious golf clubs of America (“A Path to a Seat on the Board? Try the Fairway” by…
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Risking Life for Peace

- Peace in Iraq seems infinitely more remote this morning with the news of the murder of Christian Peacemaker Tom Fox whose body was discovered in Baghdad yesterday several months after he was kidnapped along with other members of the Christian…
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Scholarships and Opportunities

- Here’s another comment on Susan Kinzie’s article in the Washington Post: Comment from a Trinity student: “I feel that Trinity is an elite university for privileged women such as myself. There are a lot of people that wish to attend…
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Voices of Trinity

- Comments continue to come in sparked by Susan Kinzie’s story in the Washington Post about Trinity’s new program at THE ARC. A Sister of Notre Dame reflects on this new program: “[Trinity’s] fidelity to our Notre Dame spirit and…
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Pride, and Prejudice, at Trinity

- Students and alumnae have continued to send me comments about Susan Kinzie’s article in the Washington Post concerning our new program at THE ARC in Southeast Washington. Some of the comments express concern about one paragraph in the article that…
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Trinity at THE ARC

- Today’s Washington Post has a terrific article by Susan Kinzie about Trinity’s new program at THE ARC in southeast Washington. Trinity is the first private university to venture “east of the river” in Washington, and we are the first and…
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