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Sr. Dorothy Stang, SND, Martyr for Justice


A year ago today (February 12) the most awful news imaginable emerged from deep in the Amazon rainforest: a Sister of Notre Dame, Dorothy Stang, was dead, murdered, assassinated by men who thought they could stop her courageous advocacy for justice. Dorothy Stang devoted her life to advocacy for the indigenous people in the Amazon basin. Her advocacy focused, in particular, on the destructive force of development and logging in the rainforest. She obviously posed a great threat to very powerful interests. Although some of the perpetrators of the crime were found guilty at a trial last fall, the real instigators have yet to come to justice.

Trinity remembered Sister Dorothy last April with a special symposium on Founders Day. A major snowstorm cancelled the event we planned this evening to mark this first anniversary, but we hope to reschedule soon. Meanwhile, Trinity will also devote Founders Day 2006 (April 20) to continuing examination of the theme of environmental justice in Sr. Dorothy’s memory. This year we will focus on global warming.

Dorothy Stang’s death was cruel and evil, a shocking reminder of the malignancy of greed and selfishness. But that tragedy is also a source of renewed conviction and passion among the Sisters of Notre Dame and all those who share their commitment to action for social justice. Trinity’s mission is inextricably linked to the mission of the SNDs to work for justice and peace in all corners of this earth.

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  1. Robert says:

    God save the queen and Dorothy Stang.

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