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Could It Happen Here?


One is a 67-year-old economist educated at Harvard. Another is a 54-year-old pediatrician. Still another is a 52-year-old physicist.

Which one is the world leader? If you picked “all of the above” you would be correct.

But which one is the woman world leader? If you picked “all of the above” you would be correct again!

In just a few short months, women have taken over the highest elected leadership offices in three nations: Germany, Chile and Liberia. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (the economist) of Liberia is Africa’s first woman ever elected as a head-of-state. Chancellor Angela Merkel (the physicist) is Germany’s first female leader. President Michelle Bachelet (the pediatrician) is Chile’s first female president.

Could it happen here? Could a woman be elected president of the United States?

Some people are betting on Hillary, some on Condi (that’s Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice). Most people are thinking, “Not in my lifetime.”

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By the way, here’s what we find out about our culture when we google the names of these and other famous women:

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – 411,000 links on Google
Condoleeza Rice – 1,240,000 links on Google
Michelle Bachelet – 1,580,000 links on Google
Angela Merkel – 3,700,000 links on Google
Hillary Clinton – 6,240,000 links on Google

So far so good. But what do we make of this:

Angelina Jolie – 9,820,000 hits on Google
Britney Spears – 15,800,000 hits on Google

Sigh. The Revolution is not over!!

Check out the New York Times Editorial about these great women!

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