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Passing the Torch — To Whom?

- Today the nation lost another Civil Rights Icon, Coretta Scott King. We seem to be repeating that phrase quite a lot these days, with different names but the same ominous cadence: a generation of great women and men is…
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"The Greatest Risk is to Take No Risks"

- My title for this blog is a quotation in the Washington Post from June Scobee Rodgers, widow of Astronaut Dick Scobee who was the commander of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Today is the 20th Anniversary of the Challenger disaster.…
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"trinity gurl" Is Watching You!

- Last night I received an email message from someone who obviously did not want me to know who she (or he) was. The screen name was “trinity gurl.” This message informed me about the blog of a Trinity student. In…
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A Prayer for the Coal Miners

- For those of us who are privileged to work in what is sometimes called “The Knowledge Industry,” what’s the worst thing that can happen on most days? Email goes down, students come to class late, traffic is awful, the photocopiers…
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Could It Happen Here?

- One is a 67-year-old economist educated at Harvard. Another is a 54-year-old pediatrician. Still another is a 52-year-old physicist. Which one is the world leader? If you picked “all of the above” you would be correct. But which one is…
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What Is Your Dream?

- Dr. Martin Luther King would have been 77 years old today. Around the Washington region today and tomorrow, many events will observe and reflect on his legacy. Click here to see the list from the Washington Post.Washington Post Columnist Colbert…
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Lies, Spies, and Watergate Days

- What with the far-reaching scandal involving lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the indictment of Congressional Leader Tom DeLay, and the ongoing questions surrounding the legal and ethical boundaries of presidentially-mandated electronic surveillance of citizens(see Walter Pincus Corralling Domestic Intelligence in the January…
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Book Club

- Over the holidays, an article in the Washington Post cited a report from the National Center for Education Statistics concerning the reading skills of college graduates (Literacy of College Graduates is on Decline by Lois Romano, December 25, 2005,…
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Hope in the New Year

- They danced again on Bourbon Street, and Dick Clark counted down to midnight as the ball dropped in Times Square. So much the same, yet all is changed, the semblance of normalcy belying nature’s ravages. Having suffered such catastrophic blows…
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