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Gratitude is Never Too Late


Invariably, at some point during the year I seem to fall behind on my thank-you notes. Oh, I might have dashed-off a short email of thanks to someone who did something nice for me in May or June, but, somehow, my promise to send a real note, written with real ink on nice paper, has languished. (Email is just not right for genuine thanks.)

But it’s not too late. I know how wonderful it feels to receive a genuine, handwritten, note of thanks, and I rarely check the date. I save most of the notes I get. They make me happy to read them, and when I do I remember the person and the moment we shared all over again.

Gratitude is never too late.

On Thanksgiving weekend, I have developed a small tradition of catching-up on all those thank-you notes that need to be written in real time, on real paper. And, the most remarkable thing about this exercise is how much better I feel as a result — it’s almost like another gift!

So, I share this thought to encourage everyone who has set aside the nice paper and real pens during the year — you know who you are! Take an hour or two in this season of Thanksgiving to let those who did nice things for you know how grateful you are. You’ll be grateful to them all over again. And they will be thrilled to hear from you.

Gratitude is never too late.

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