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Policies | Telephone Use by Employees

Policy: Telephone Use by Employees

Date Issued: January 28, 2004
Date of Last Revision: May 8, 2006

I. Scope

This policy applies to all College faculty and staff who have access to the College telephone system.

II. Policy Statement

Trinity College provides access to local and long distance telephone service for all faculty and staff. The College telephone system is available to conduct College business only. Abuse of the College telephone system, including but not limited to charging personal long distance calls to the College, conducting business related to outside employment or business ownership, making or receiving excessive personal calls, or disclosing confidential information over the phone may result in disciplinary action, including termination.

III. Responsibilities

Senior Managers, in cooperation with the Director of Human Resources are responsible for determining the level and type of telephone service each faculty and staff member needs to do his/her work. Senior Managers in conjunction with Human Resources are also responsible for regularly reviewing monthly long distance telephone statements. This review is necessary to determine if long distance access is being abused. Included in this review are investigating unusual frequency of numbers dialed, length of calls and obvious personal calling patterns. Managers will direct reimbursement of charges for personal calls and consult with Human Resources regarding potential disciplinary action.

IV. Procedures

Senior Managers will request a long distance code for faculty and staff that require one for the work they do. This request must be sent to the Director of Human Resources. Once approval is given by the Director of Human Resources, the access code will be given directly to the member of staff or faculty.

Each month, Human Resources will send the long distance telephone statement detail to the Department manager for the long distance codes associated with his/her department. The department manager will determine charges that are not business related and any other calls that indicate unauthorized use of the telephone service.

The Department manager is responsible for ensuring that any personal calls are reimbursed to the College within five business days of receipt of the statement. All reimbursement checks should be made out to Trinity College and sent to the Director of Human Resources.

V. Compliance

Senior managers and Department managers, who identify problems with telephone use by faculty or staff, will consult with the Director of Human Resources to review and resolve concerns.

For questions about Trinity policies, please contact the Academic Affairs, Human Resources, or President's Office as appropriate.



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