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Nursing Program Student Handbook



Trinity provides this Handbook for Nursing Students (“Nursing Student Handbook”) as a supplemental compendium of policies stating requirements and conduct expectations for students enrolled in Trinity’s Nursing Program.   This Nursing Handbook incorporates by reference the policies and conduct expectations for all students at Trinity as stated in these documents available on Trinity’s website under Trinity Policies:

1.  Trinity Student Handbook

2.  Academic Honesty Policy

3.  Student Code of Conduct

4.  Professional Student Code of Conduct

5.  Harassment Policy

6.  Technology and Telecommunications Policy

7.  All other policy statements that apply to all students at Trinity

In addition to the requirements and expectations set forth in those policies listed above, which apply to Nursing students in the same way as they apply to all other Trinity students, the Nursing Handbook provides specific statements of requirements and conduct expectations for Nursing Students while they are enrolled at Trinity.

This Handbook replaces all prior Nursing Handbooks and applies to all students currently in the Nursing Program.  Trinity reserves the right to change and add to these policy statements at any time.  Students are responsible to know these policies and to abide by these statements.

Students in the Nursing Program are preparing to enter a profession that demands the highest intellectual and ethical standards.  Nurses confront critical life and death issues every day.  Nurses must demonstrate consistent commitment to excellence in all dimensions of healthcare practice.  Nursing students at Trinity must demonstrate the same kind of commitment to the highest intellectual and ethical standards, and excellence in all phases of healthcare practice.

As an institution with a mission specifically rooted in social justice, Trinity recognizes and upholds the rights and responsibilities of students, faculty and staff in all matters pertaining to their work and experiences at Trinity.   Trinity’s policies and procedures seek to ensure that all policies respect the rights of all members of the community, and that every member of the campus community receives fair and impartial treatment in any administrative procedure.  Trinity encourages student nurses to participate actively in opportunities for student self-governance at Trinity.

This Handbook is for the guidance of Nursing students at Trinity as of August 2013.  The policy statements in the document represent current policies.   Trinity reserves the right to amend, replace or otherwise change any part of this document at any time, and will provide notice to students in a timely way.  



 Trinity Washington University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Nursing Program

Trinity’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and has conditional approval from the District of Columbia Board of Nursing (DCBON).

Last CCNE On-Site Evaluation: Spring 2012

About the Nursing Program

Expectations for Students in the Nursing Program

Students in Trinity’s Nursing Program are preparing to enter a profession that requires the continuous manifestation of a deep personal commitment to integrity, compassion and concern for others.  Nursing students must demonstrate these qualities along with high levels of motivation and effective interpersonal skills.   For nurses, the development of mature, sensitive, and effective relationships with patients and other members of the health care team is essential.

In order to assess the student’s ability to develop such relationships, the Nursing faculty and administration at Trinity expect all Nursing students to reflect these professional expectations continuously.

Should a student fail to demonstrate the professional knowledge, skills, values and competencies expected specifically and generally in nursing education, the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions, the Director of Nursing and the faculty reserve the right to take disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the Nursing Program.   This reservation of ultimate authority and responsibility to assess the student’s fitness for Nursing is in addition to the specific administrative rights and responsibilities addressed in the various sections of this Handbook.

Specific professional qualities that Nursing students at Trinity must manifest during their academic programs include:   completion of all responsibilities in classroom and clinical settings; acceptance of supervision in clinical settings as well as in the Nursing program generally; sound and stable judgment; emotional maturity; ability to accept and integrate constructive criticism; ability to function as part of a health care team; flexibility and ability to adapt to changing environments; impeccable personal integrity.

Expectations for Nursing Students

As part of professional behavior and professionalism in the classroom, clinical setting, and community learning experiences, students in the Nursing  program should expect to incur additional expenses beyond tuition and fees.

1. Uniform and Supplies:

Students in the Nursing program are required to purchase:

Short White lab coat
Name badge
Nursing patch to be worn on short white lab coat
Skills equipment for lab and clinical experiences
Laptop computer

2. Travel and Transportation to Community Facilities

Students are expected to have reliable transportation to, from and around the Metro Washington area for clinical courses, fieldtrips and advocacy events. Students will be required to attend off campus events for certain courses as well as clinical courses

3. Books

Nursing  books are expensive but are an investment in your future. The faculty have chosen current and frequently used books in Nursing Programs that provide you with evidence-based nursing information.

4. Health Clearance

Clinical experiences depend on individual student health clearance based on standards outlined by the Nursing program according to hospital and community site policies. Prior to participating in clinical courses students must provide official documentation required for clinical clearance.  Students without clinical clearance will not be able to register for clinical and associated didactic courses for matriculation through the nursing program.

5.  Health Insurance

Nursing students are required to carry personal health insurance.

6. Criminal Background Check

Students must complete a criminal background check, finger printing and drug screen prior to participating in clinical experiences.  If background testing reveals positive findings clinical sites may not permit the student to participate in clinical experiences.

  • Outside Employment

Students may not work the previous 8 hours prior to participating in nursing clinical experiences.

  • Liability Insurance

Trinity Washington University carries liability coverage for students and faculty engaged in nursing  program specific activities.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

Student financial aid is handled through the Enrollment Services Office.  Students can access financial aid and scholarship information by viewing the Enrollment Services website or visiting the Enrollment Services Office.

Trinity Student Codes of Conduct and Trinity Policies

Academic and Conduct Policies Specific to the Nursing Program

Clinical Practice Policies

Requirements for Participation in Clinical Placements

Additional Guidance for Nursing Laboratory and Clinical Experience

Professional Attire and Conduct



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