How do I submit Enrollment Verification?

July 13, 2015 - “Enrollment Verification” is a report required for financial aid from the Federal government. This report allows Trinity to be able to verify students’ attendance and, subsequently, disburse the appropriate financial aid to the students. As you know from working with your deans and from other University communications, submitting “Enrollment Verification” is mandatory.  This process, which depends on your role as faculty colleagues, allows us to continue to offer the financial aid opportunities to our students that we do. Enrollment Verification is usually due shortly after the Add/Drop deadline for your academic session. Visit the Academic Calendar for specific dates. Enrollment … Continue reading
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What do the ‘Review options’ on the ‘Quiz Settings’ page mean?

July 13, 2015 - In the section of the “Quiz Settings” screen called “Review options,” you can control which information students can during one of four time periods Moodle recognizes. “During the attempt” is while the students are taking the quiz attempt. “Immediately after the attempt” means within two minutes of the attempt being finished (when the student hits the ‘Submit’ button). “Later, while the quiz is still open” means after the two minutes are up, and before the quiz close date. “After the quiz is closed” means after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz does not have a close date, … Continue reading
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Why is my course grade percentage incorrect?

July 12, 2015 - Moodle has many different ways of calculating grades (the aggregation method). The instructor chooses the aggregation method to reflect the system listed in the syllabus. One common method is what Moodle 2.9+ calls a ‘Natural’ aggregation. This used to be what was called the ‘Sum of Grades’ aggregation. This means that Moodle adds up all the points you’ve earned (186, in the example below) and divides that by all the possible points (200) to get your course percentage/grade (93%): This is great when all of your assignments have been graded and are in the system. However, when the instructor adds … Continue reading
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Fast FAQ: Uploading Your Syllabus [Moodle 2.9]

July 10, 2015 - [Faculty Fast FAQ] Here is a quick video on the Moodle 2.9 process of uploading your syllabus! Click on the icon with the four arrows to make the video full screen. Continue reading
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Where are the previous courses I’ve taken in Moodle?

May 20, 2015 - All courses, aside from professional development courses offered through the Office of Continuing Education, are archived approximately one week into the next semester/term. This stores them, and student access is no longer linked through your “My Courses” block. WINTER & SPRING term courses are usually archived near the beginning of June. MAY & SUMMER courses are usually archived near the end of August or the beginning of September. FALL Courses are usually archived near the middle to end of January. When a specific date for the archiving process is determined, it is announced through the University’s email. As a student, … Continue reading
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How do I remove an override in my gradebook?

March 13, 2015 - Moodle allows you to manually override an individual grade item, a grade category total, or even your course’s total. Once an item has been overridden, the background of cell in the gradebook turns a tan-ish color: If you click in a grade box, you may add an override when you did not intend. You can remove an override in your gradebook by following the steps below: Login to Moodle and click on the course in which you wish to remove the override. In your course, scroll down until you see the “Administration” block in the left column. Click on the … Continue reading
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How do I add a weblink (URL) to my course page?

January 2, 2015 - Often, you may find a resource on the internet to which you wish to link your students. URLs or Uniform Resource Locators are the website addresses that you provide to your students like or To add the URL to your course: Login to Moodle and, in the “My Courses” block at the top of the right column, the click on the course to which you wish to add the syllabus. Turn on the course editing functionality by either: Clicking the “Turn editing on” button in the upper right corner on your course page. —or— Clicking the “Turn editing … Continue reading
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How do I add a Welcome message to my course?

January 2, 2015 - Each week or topic, including the top or “general” area, has a summary. This is where information like your topic title or week’s goals could go. When you turn on the editing, you should see a solo editing icon (the gray cog wheel) in each week or topic: To add a Welcome message, simply click on the gray cog wheel in the top section of the page. By clicking on this gray cog wheel, you will be brought to a screen where you can edit that week’s/topic’s summary. This gray area with the buttons that are similar to Microsoft Word … Continue reading
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Why aren’t my category totals displaying on the Grader Report?

December 3, 2014 - The ‘Grader Report’ is the spreadsheet-like view with all the students listed down the left side of the screen, and all the graded activities listed across the top. There are actually three possible views that you can choose for the ‘Grader Report’ in the gradebook in Moodle. ‘Full view’ – everything in the gradebook is displayed. ‘Aggregates only’ – only the course/category total is displayed, no individual grade items in the course/category. ‘Grades only’ – only the grade items are displayed, no course/category total. NOTE: You can also apply these views to categories within the gradebook. BE AWARE – when … Continue reading
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