Why is my course grade percentage incorrect?

April 30, 2014 - Moodle has many different ways of calculating grades. One common method is what Moodle calls a ‘Sum of Grades’ aggregation. This means that Moodle adds up all the points you’ve earned (186, in the example below) and divides that by all the possible points (200) to get your course percentage/grade (93%): This is great when all of your assignments have been graded and are in the system. However, when the instructor adds an assignment to Moodle, but doesn’t enter a grade for you for it yet, that can falsely (negatively) impact your course total. This is because your total number … Continue reading
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Why won’t my file picker or file browser load?

April 16, 2014 - The file picker/browser opens in a new, pop-up window and is powered by Javascript. Therefore, for the file picker to work properly, you must allow pop-ups for Moodle and have your Javascript enabled in whichever browser you are using. It’s also possible the you have a temporary file or cookies saved in your browser that could be effecting the Javscript’s function. To fix this issue, try these troubleshooting steps. First, verify that your browser currently allow pop-ups from Trinity’s Moodle site. If pop-ups are not allowed, follow these steps to allow them. Check that your Javascript is enabled. If it … Continue reading
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What do the ‘Review options’ on the ‘Quiz Settings’ page mean?

April 11, 2014 - In the section of the “Quiz Settings” screen called “Review options,” you can control which information students can during one of four time periods Moodle recognizes. “During the attempt” is while the students are taking the quiz attempt. “Immediately after the attempt” means within two minutes of the attempt being finished (when the student hits the ‘Submit’ button). “Later, while the quiz is still open” means after the two minutes are up, and before the quiz close date. “After the quiz is closed” means after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz does not have a close date, … Continue reading
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How do I add random questions to a quiz?

March 27, 2014 - If you have questions in your course’s question bank, you can have Moodle randomly select questions to add to your quiz. This is best if you have your questions sorted by categories to allow Moodle to only select from the pool you set up. Adding Random Questions to a Quiz in Moodle Once you have created a quiz and determined all of the settings, go to the ‘Edit Quiz’ screen. This is the screen where the quiz you are creating is on the left half of the screen and your ‘Question bank contents’ are on the right half: Before you … Continue reading
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How do I view my grade for an assignment I submitted through Moodle?

March 10, 2014 - You can view the grade and feedback for a specific upload assignment activity through that actual assignment. To view your grade and feedback for assignment where you uploaded your file or files: Login to Moodle. Click on your course in your “My Courses” block. Locate the assignment on the main page of the course. Click on the name of the assignment. On the assignment page, scroll down beneath the instructions/description for the assignment. Your instructor’s grade and any feedback information will be there: Note: your original assignment will also be listed there. Continue reading
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How do I view the percentage of students that have completed a course evaluation while the submission window is still open?

November 26, 2013 - You can view the percentage of submitted course evaluations while the submission window is still open. You cannot see any other data until after the semester/term is complete and the final grades for ALL courses have been submitted. To find out how many students have submitted a course evaluations, follow the steps below. Login to Moodle. Click on your course in your “My Courses” block. Then on the course’s homepage, click on the Course Evaluation report option entitle “Completed Evaluations. This will pop-up another login window. (This is because course evaluations are located on a different server than Moodle.) To … Continue reading
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How do I allow a single student a different amount of time to take a quiz? (version 2.6)

September 12, 2013 - Moodle allows for individual user overrides and group overrides for quizzes. In the case of a student with a disability (verified by Disability Support Services), this student would require an individual user override to extend the time allowed to take the quiz. To an add a user override to your existing quiz: Log on to Moodle and click on your course. Click on your exam on the course homepage. From the exam page, locate your “Administration” block (now displaying settings related to your quiz). Usually, it is in the left column under the “Navigation” block. Click on the “User overrides” … Continue reading
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How do I view my grades throughout the course? [version 2.6]

September 4, 2013 - Your instructor may assign homework activities, quizzes, online discussions, or various other graded assignments through Moodle. If your instructor is maintaining the Moodle gradebook, you can view your progress, grades, and feedback for all your assignments in the course this way: Login to Moodle. Click on your course in your “My Courses” block. Locate your “Administration” block for that course. This block is usually in the left column, under the “Navigation” block. Note: if you do not see your “Administration” block there, it is possible that you ‘docked’ your “Administration” block at some point to get it out of the … Continue reading
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How do I add a user to a resource course? [version 2.6]

August 26, 2013 - As a Teacher or Instructor for a resource course (e.g., Nursing Faculty Resources, Counseling Resources for Students, Educational ADMN Resources), you can now enroll any Moodle user as with student access to this course. Note: to enroll a user so that they can add activities or resources, follow these steps to add a user as a Guest Teacher. To do this, follow these steps below: 1. Login to Moodle and enter the course to which you wish to allow access. 2. On the main page for your course, locate the “Administration” block. It’s usually in the left column, under your … Continue reading
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How do I provide access to my course for other instructors?

August 23, 2013 - As a Teacher for a course, you can now provide any Moodle user access to your course as a Guest Teacher (ability to import and reuse resources) as well as a Non-editing Teacher (course viewing privileges only). To do this, follow these steps below: 1. Login to Moodle and enter the course to which you wish to allow access. 2. On the main page for your course, locate the “Administration” block. It’s usually in the left column, unless it has been docked. 3. In the “Administration” block, expand the “Users” option and click on the “Enrolled users” link. 4. From … Continue reading
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For more information, contact Moodle Support, MoodleSupport@trinitydc.edu.