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Why is my course grade percentage incorrect?

April 30, 2014 - Moodle has many different ways of calculating grades. One common method is what Moodle calls a ‘Sum of Grades’ aggregation. This means that Moodle adds up all the points you’ve earned (186, in the example below) and divides that by all the possible points (200) to get your course percentage/grade (93%): This is great when all of your assignments have been graded and are in the system. However, when the instructor adds an assignment to Moodle, but doesn’t enter a grade for you for it yet, that can falsely (negatively) impact your course total. This is because your total number … Continue reading
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What do the ‘Review options’ on the ‘Quiz Settings’ page mean?

April 11, 2014 - In the section of the “Quiz Settings” screen called “Review options,” you can control which information students can during one of four time periods Moodle recognizes. “During the attempt” is while the students are taking the quiz attempt. “Immediately after the attempt” means within two minutes of the attempt being finished (when the student hits the ‘Submit’ button). “Later, while the quiz is still open” means after the two minutes are up, and before the quiz close date. “After the quiz is closed” means after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz does not have a close date, … Continue reading
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For more information, contact Moodle Support,

For more information, contact Moodle Support,