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How do I increase my file size limit for uploads and attachments? [Moodle version 2.9]


The maximum file size Moodle currently supports is 64MB.

If you have a file between 64.1MB and 2GB, you can use Trinity’s own Large File Transfer (LFT) service. LFT FAQ can be found on the Technology Services website.

If your file is larger than 2GB, submit a help ticket to see what additional options you may have.

If you would like your course’s upload limit to be the site-wide maximum of 64MB, you can update your course settings to allow this.

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  1. Login to your course in Moodle.
  2. Locate the ‘Administration’ block and click on the ‘Edit Settings’ link:admin-block-edit-settings
  3. On the ‘Edit Settings’ page, expand the ‘Files and uploads’ section of the screen.
  4. Change the value of the ‘Maximum upload size’ to ‘Site upload limit (64MB).’
  5. Scroll down and save your changes.

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