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How do I grade a student’s submission to an assignment activity? [Moodle version 2.9]


As an instructor, you can create an online space where students can submit their homework assignments called an Assignment Activity. Through an Assignment Activity, a student can submit to you:

  • Text typed directly into the browser
  • A single file
  • Multiple files

You can then provide them a grade (if you would like to grade the assignment), written feedback, and/or a feedback file, such as a student’s paper with your tracked changes or notes.

To learn more about creating assignment activities, explore:

Follow the steps below to grade a student’s submission to an assignment activity that you have already created.

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  1. Login to Moodle and, in your “My Courses” block, click on the course which contains the assignment activity that you wish to grade.
  2. In your course, locate the assignment activity. Click on the name of the assignment activity.
  3. From within the activity, look at the bottom of the first page in the center for the phrase, “View/grade all submissions.” Click this link.
  4. On the next screen, you will see all of the students listed next to their assignment submission information. If you have asked the students to submit a file, you can find their submissions in the column labelled, “File submission.”
  5. To enter a grade and feedback for a student’s assignment, click on the gray pencil in the square icon in the “Grade” column.
  6. When you have reached the grading screen, you first see the information about the assignment. Scroll down until you see the “Grade” section.
  7. In the “Grade” section, you can enter a numerical grade,
  8. Then you can either save and return to your list of students (“Save changes”), or save this student’s submission and move on the next student in the list (“Save and show next”).
  9. If you wish to also provide a file with feedback, you can enable the “Feedback files” option under the “Feedback types” section on the “Edit settings” page.
  10. If the feedback file option is enabled in addition to the feedback comments, you will also see a space for you to upload a file on the grading page.
  11. Once you save your changes, you will receive a confirmation message.grading-an-assignment-activity_08
  12. When you return to the grading page for the assignment, you will now see additional details regarding the student you just graded, including the numerical grade and any feedback comments and files.
  13. The student’s submission has now been graded. The student can view the feedback and grade through the assignment activity.
  14. The student can also view their numerical grade in the gradebook. When you create a graded assignment activity in Moodle, the system automatically gives you a space in your gradebook. When you grade through the assignment activity, Moodle duplicates that grade in the gradebook.

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