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How do I add random questions to a quiz?


If you have questions in your course’s question bank, you can have Moodle randomly select questions to add to your quiz. This is best if you have your questions sorted by categories to allow Moodle to only select from the pool you set up.

Adding Random Questions to a Quiz in Moodle

Once you have created a quiz and determined all of the settings, go to the ‘Edit Quiz’ screen. This is the screen where the quiz you are creating is on the left half of the screen and your ‘Question bank contents’ are on the right half:


Before you begin the steps below, make sure your ‘Question bank contents’ section is showing all your questions. Do this by clicking the ‘Show’ link (circled above).

  1. Scroll down until you see the bottom of the ‘Question bank contents’ section in the right column.
  2. Uncheck the box next to ‘Also show questions from sub-categories:’
  3. Scroll back up so you can see the drop-down menu entitled ‘Select a category:.’
  4. Choose a category from this drop-down menu:
  5. Once a single category is being displayed, scroll back down to the bottom of the ‘Question bank contents’ section in the right column.
  6. In the section entitled ‘Add random questions from category: ’ locate the drop down menu with numbers (in the phrase ‘Add ____ random questions’).
  7. Select the number of random questions you wish to add to the quiz.
  8. Click the ‘Add to quiz’ button:
  9. When you are done, you will see the random questions added to your quiz. They will be indicated by a ‘dice’ icon:

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