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How do I view the percentage of students that have completed a course evaluation while the submission window is still open?


You can view the percentage of submitted course evaluations while the submission window is still open. You cannot see any other data until after the semester/term is complete and the final grades for ALL courses have been submitted.

To find out how many students have submitted a course evaluations, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Moodle.
  2. Click on your course in your “My Courses” block.
  3. Then on the course’s homepage, click on the Course Evaluation report option entitle “Completed Evaluations.course_evals_detailed_01_during
  4. This will pop-up another login window. (This is because course evaluations are located on a different server than Moodle.)
  5. To access the course evaluations you must login to that server. The login will be the same username and password you use when you logon to Moodle. However, you must also enter the domain part of the login.
    • Therefore, if your username is “doej,” enter the following in the username field: trinity-its\doej
    • Use the same password as normal.

    Then click the “OK” button.

  6. This will log you into the course evaluations. The course evaluation server will be loading a great deal of information, so this login process may take some time.
    NOTE: You can expand your viewing area by clicking on the maximize icon in the upper right corner of the window:

  7. Your results will appear in as many pages as necessary. If you cannot see some of the information you expect to see, always check to make sure you have seen all pages.
  8. You can then choose a format in which to export the data points to manipulate if you so choose. Click on the “Select a format” drop-down menu, and pick the format in which you are interested:
  9. Once you have selected a format, the menu will collapse. Click the “Export” link to the right:
  10. There should be a pop-up notification about downloading the file. Click Save or Open as your prefer.(“Save” downloads the file to your computer; while “Open” will bring up the program to view the temporary file to manipulate.)
  11. If you click “Open” in our above example, Microsoft Word will open the document on your computer. You can then edit it and save it as you would any Microsoft Word document:

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