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How do I allow a single student a different amount of time to take a quiz? (version 2.6)


Moodle allows for individual user overrides and group overrides for quizzes. In the case of a student with a disability (verified by Disability Support Services), this student would require an individual user override to extend the time allowed to take the quiz.

To an add a user override to your existing quiz:

  1. Log on to Moodle and click on your course.
  2. Click on your exam on the course homepage.
  3. From the exam page, locate your “Administration” block (now displaying settings related to your quiz). Usually, it is in the left column under the “Navigation” block.
  4. Click on the “User overrides” link.
  5. On the next screen, click on the “Add user override” button.user_override_page_02
  6. Then on the “Edit override” page, click on the student’s name in the list. Adjust the time and dates accordingly. Then save your override.user_override_page_03

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