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How do I find my course in Moodle as a Faculty member? [Moodle version 3.2]


There are a variety ways to locate your course in Moodle. Once you have logged into Moodle, all* of the courses to which you have access (as either a student or instructor) will be listed in your “My Courses.”

*If you are a program chair, a dean, or an administrator with greater access than simply to the courses in which you are enrolled as a student or instructor, this will not be the case. You most likely have access to courses not listed in your “My Courses” block. Follow this FAQ on accessing your courses as a Department/Program Chair.

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“My courses” list – Left Navigation Panel

Once you are logged in, you can find a list of courses to which you have access in the left navigation panel. This is the left column with the purple background.

“My courses” block – Right Column

Your “My Courses” block is in the left column.

All courses are loaded into Moodle as unavailable to students. This means that when new courses appear in your “My Courses” block, they will be gray, and listed in alphabetical order AFTER any active courses (which are also listed alphabetically here):


“My courses” section – Center of Main Page

You can also look for your course in the main section of the Moodle homepage, underneath the “Search courses” box, in the “My courses” section. After the active courses, you will see your inactive courses listed here in reverse chronological order:


“Search courses” box & “All courses…” link

If you are still not seeing the courses you expected, you can always search for them use the “Search courses” box:


Or the “All courses” link at the bottom of your “My Courses” block:


If still cannot locate your course, please check double-check to see if you can see your roster in Self-Service, If you can see the course in Self-Service, please submit a Moodle Support Help Ticket. If you cannot see your course in Self-Service, please contact your Dean or Academic Affairs.

Note: Once you have located your course and added resources, don’t forget to make it available to students. Can’t remember how? Follow these instructions on making your course available to students.

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