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My assignment upload looks different. How do I upload when I’m allowed to submit multiple files?


How to upload to a multiple-file assignment* on Moodle:

  1. Login to Moodle ( with the same username and password you use for your Trinity email account.
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the course for which you wish to submit your assignment.
  3. Once in the course, click on the assignment. If the assignment is open for submission and a multiple-files-allowed assignment, you will see a screen that contains an “Upload files” button:
    *Note: if it’s a single-file-allowed assignment, the button will read “Upload a file…” In that case, use these single-file instructions instead.
  4. On the next screen, click the “Add” button to upload a file.
  5. In the file picker pop-up window, click on the “Upload a file” option in the left column.
  6. In the next screen, click the “Browse…” button.
  7. Navigate to the file you wish to upload. Click on the name of the file and click the “Open” button.
  8. This will return you to the “File Picker” window. Click the “Upload this file” button.
  9. This will bring you back to the Assignment submission screen. If you wish to upload more files, repeat steps 4 through 8. Once you have added all the files you wish to at this time, click the “Save Changes” button.
  10. This will bring you back to the Assignment submission screen. At that time, you will see your files listed under “Submission.” Note: if instead it reads “Submission Draft,” skip to step 11 below.
    Until the assignment closes, you can edit these files (remove, add new, etc.) by clicking the “Edit these files” button under your submission.
  11. Instructors have the option to enable or disable a “Send for marking” button. This allows you to submit your file to the instructor for grading prior to the due date. However, once you have sent your files for marking, you can no longer update them.
  12. Under the dates for the assignment, you may see “Submission Draft” instead of “Submission.” This means that the “Send for marking” option has been enabled. When you are ready to submit your files to be grades, click the “Send for marking” button.
  13. This will bring you to a “Final submission for assignment marking” screen. Confirm that you wish to submit your assignment by clicking the “Continue” button.
  14. You will be brought back to the main assignment screen. You will no longer see the “Edit these files” button. You will see the message “Assignment was already submitted for marking and can not be updated” and the “Submission Draft” phrase will now read “Submission.” Your assignment is now submitted!

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