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How do I view my final (or mid-term) grade for a course?


Final grades can be found in Self-Service not in Moodle. These grades are the letter grades submitted to Enrollment Services and the final letter grades listed on your transcript.

To view your final grade for a course:

  1. Login to Self-Service.
    Self-Service is the shopping cart icon at the top of the main Trinity webpages:
    You can also reach Self-Service directly at
  2. Once on the Self-Service main page, login using your normal Trinity account information:
  3. Once you have logged in, you will see a number of tabs with different account options. Click on the “Grades” tab:
  4. Once in the “Grades” area, you will have three options:
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Request Transcript
    • Grade Report

    To view your grades, click on the “Grade Report” option:

  5. Once you are in the “Grade Report,”┬áselect the Period for which you want to view your grades:
  6. Now you can view your final (and mid-term, if appropriate) grades, for the courses for the selected period:

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