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How do I move selected content between courses?


You can easily move assignments, resources, and activities, including content in your labels, between any two classes in which you are the instructors.

  1. Login to Moodle. Click on the class INTO which you wish to import the section of the syllabus.
  2. Once in the your course, click the ‘Import’ link in the ‘Settings’ block under ‘Course administration’:
  3. Click the radio button next to your course that contains the content you wish to import (or search for the course, if it’s not one of the options already). Click the ‘Continue’ button:
  4. On the next screen, unclick the boxes next to the ‘Blocks’ and ‘Filters’ options. Click the ‘Next’ button:
  5. On the next screen, unclick the boxes next to the ‘News Forum’ and other existing assignments that you do not wish to import. Keep the weeks/topics checked for the ones you do wish to import. Click the ‘Next’ button:
  6. Verify that the next screen matches what you did. Click the ‘Perform Import’ button:
  7. You should receive a message saying, “Import complete. Click continue to return to the course.” Click the ‘Continue’ button:
  8. You will be brought back to your course’s homepage. You should now see any assignments or label content that you imported.

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