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I am registered for my course. Why can’t I see it? [Moodle version 2.9]


The reason you cannot see your course yet is most likely because the instructor for the course has not made his/her course visible to students yet. This is usually a conscious choice, perhaps because the instructor is still adding resources, because the course is not until Term 2 of the semester, or because the instructor is not intending to use Moodle for any part of their coursework. When the instructor is ready, s/he will make the course available to students and you will see it listed under “My Courses” in Moodle.

You can verify that you are registered for the course by viewing your registration information in Self-Service,

If you feel you need access to the course, prior to the instructor making it available to students, you must contact the INSTRUCTOR directly.

For further information on locating your course in Moodle as a student, visit this FAQ on course availability!

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