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How do I change the grade or feedback for a manually entered grade? [Moodle version 2.9]


You can adjust the grade and feedback for both manually created, ‘off-line’ grade items, as well as overridden activity grades from the ‘Grader report’ page. Once you have entered a grade in the gradebook manually for an activity created on the main page of your course, you have to continue to update it manually in the gradebook (or remove the override). The gradebook overwrites/supersedes the activity interface.

To update both the grade and grade feedback for an off-line grade item or an overridden activity, follow the steps below.

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  1. Login to Moodle and click on the course for which you wish to update the manually entered grades.
  2. From the main page of your course, locate the ‘Administration’ block and click on the ‘Grades’ link.
  3. On the ‘Grader report’ screen, turn on the editing capabilities by clicking the ‘Turn editing on’ button in the upper right corner:
  4. When the grade entry boxes appear, locate and click on the gray ‘edit’ gear/cog wheel in the corresponding box for which you wish to update the grade and feedback. Note: if you just need to update the grade, you can simply change the grade in the box, and click the ‘Save changes’ button in the bottom left.
  5. On the ‘Edit grade’ screen, fill in the ‘Final grade’ box and provide feedback in the ‘Feedback’ field. ‘Save changes’ when you are done!

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