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I can’t find my ________ block! Where did it go?


Most of the blocks in the left column can be “docked” or moved/collapsed along the left side of the Moodle window.

Remember: Moodle saves these settings for you. Once you’ve docked a block, it will remain docked until you undock it.

To dock a block, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Moodle and click on your course.
  2. Locate the block you wish to dock. You will notice two icons in the far right of the teal header for the block. The plus/minus sign expands and collapses the block. The one you are looking for is the dock icon that looks like this: 
  3. Click on the dock icon in the header of the block you wish to dock:
  4. Your block will now be docked along the upper left side of your Moodle screen:
  5. When you hover your mouse over the docked block, you can still see all the options in the block. At this point, you can either click on one of the links within the block or click the undock icon: to place the block back in the column in which it was originally located.

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