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Official Trinity Logo

Trinity has one official Trinity logo, which is available in different formats from Jason Pier or Timothy Russell. You can also right click on the image below to save a copy to your desktop.

This logo, and only this logo, may be used for Trinity publications, mailings, t-shirts and other materials. The Trinity logo must be used in its entirety, and not altered in any way. Do not remove, add or change any of the lettering or graphics.  If you reduce or enlarge the logo, you must maintain the proportions. Do not drag the corner of the logo to change the size; this will result in distorted proportions. Instead, right click on the image and change the dimensions while keeping the proportions.

If you need assistance with the Trinity logo, have any questions about its usage, or need the logo in a different file format, please contact Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jason Pier or Assistant Vice President of Online Communications Timothy Russell.

Official Trinity Colors

Trinity’s official colors are purple and gold. Commercial printers use “PMS” numbers to designate ink colors. Trinity’s PMS colors are PMS 269 for purple, and PMS 122 for gold. Microsoft Office software and other programs use different color systems (RGB, HSL, CMYK). Please contact Director of Publications Jason Pier for assistance with matching to Trinity’s purple and gold colors.

Many vendors for items such as mugs, pens, notepads, t-shirts, etc., do not use PMS ink colors and offer a limited choice of colors. Please work with Director of Publications Jason Pier to identify the closest match.

Office Templates

The following Microsoft Office templates can be used to create consistently-branded office documents.


Trinity Washington University

In all print publications, mailings, brochures and other official print materials, where you need to include the complete name of the institution, use the following name: Trinity Washington University.  Subsequent references should be:  Trinity, or the University.  This guideline should be followed for the text, return address and other usages; this also applies to official directory listings of Trinity on external web sites or publications.

For marketing purposes, the institution uses the branding “Trinity” as a single word to reference the university, and using phrases such as, “Trinity, a comprehensive university in the nation’s capital” or  “Trinity, a comprehensive university in Washington”, etc.  The official Trinity logo is also used extensively in marketing materials, publications and mailings.

For additional information about how to reference the Trinity name, contact Ann Pauley, Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Four Schools, One University

Trinity is comprised of four schools.  The official names for these schools are:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Education
  • School of Nursing and Health Professions
  • School of Professional Studies

The College of Arts and Sciences is Trinity’s historic undergraduate women’s college, and also uses the name Trinity College.

For more information contact Ann Pauley, Media Relations Trinity, 125 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20017, (202) 884-9725.



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