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Young Leader Mentor /Troop Leader – Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital


Young Leader Mentor / Troop Leader – Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital


Job Purpose: The student would serve as a troop leader/mentor for girls aged 5-12 years. The students will conduct the weekly troop meetings at their assigned school(s). The meeting should last approximately one hour and the students are provided with meeting plans and supplies to assist them in conducting their meetings.

Description of Duties: The student would be responsible for meeting girls at one or more schools for one hour per week. During that meeting, they will follow the provided meeting plans and conduct a prescribed Girls Scout troop meeting. They will represet Trinity Washington University and Girl Scouts in a professional manner. After each meeting, the student will record information about the meeting on our website. The studetn can also assist the Young Leaders Program by serving as chaperones on several upcoming trips. The student will be under the direct supervision of the Membership Specialist. The studetn can always call upon us if they need additional assistance while at their assigned school(s).

To apply, please submit your resume and available hours (weekdays and weeknends) to Hanan Adnan at .

Representatives from the Girl Scouts will be on campus on Wednesday, October 3rd in the lower level.


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