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Public Safety Assistant – Department of Public Safety


Duties: Trinity Washington University Department of Public Safety is currently hiring students for the position of Public Safety Assistant.

DUTIES: The position includes verifying university identifications, maintaining logs, clerical duties, etc. Individuals must be able to prepare correspondences, performs general office duties, organize and maintain personnel files, and archive records. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs is a plus.

QUALIFICATIONS: Preferably, candidates are upperclasswomen (sophomore, junior, senior) or graduate student with the ability to be flexible with working hours. This position requires individuals to work 10-15 hours weekly, between 6-11 pm daily. Work references may be verified. All interested applicants are to submit a resume to the Department of Public Safety (email addresses below) and to .

Director of Public Safety, Adrienne Murray:            or

Captain of Public Safety, Thurmond Maynard:

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