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Peer Tutor Job Description


Tutors are expected to provide individual and small group assistance to Trinity students. Tutors help students learn skills and concepts needed to succeed in course work. Tutors usually work 5 – 10 hours per week. Additional hours may be available at various times during the semester. Students with work study are eligible to apply, but students are not required to have work study to be hired as tutors.

Peer Tutor Responsibilities:

  1. Complete 10 hour training course.
  2. Contact students (tutees) immediately (within 3 days of notification from the Director) to introduce yourself and set up initial tutoring appointment.
  3. Review the Tutoring Agreement form with students and submit to the Director.
  4. Provide walk-in tutoring in the Math/Tutoring Center as scheduled by the Director.
  5. Provide one on one and small group tutoring for students.
  6. Display a professional caring, positive attitude that supports learning.
  7. Check Trinity email daily for messages from tutees, the Director, or other campus staff/faculty about appointments or other responsibilities. Be sure to clean your mailbox regularly in order to receive incoming messages without delay.
  8. Attend training workshops and meetings to improve your knowledge and tutoring approaches.
  9. Lead workshops and trainings for new tutors.
  10. Report to tutoring sessions promptly and well-prepared to assist students.
  11. Assist with advertising tutoring program and services as requested by Director.
  12. Discuss difficult situations with the Director.
  13. Document each tutoring session by logging student information in the Sign In Book
  14. Report on student progress in monthly reports.
  15. Record your time using the TimeForce system.
  16. Maintain strict confidentiality of students.


  1. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 with a minimum grade of B in courses you tutor.
  2. Recommendation from faculty member who has taught you for at least one semester.
  3. Good interpersonal skills and ability to communicate easily with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  4. Currently enrolled as a fulltime Trinity student.

Please email resume and available hours to:


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