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Work Study: Trinity Athletics


The Department of Athletics is looking to fill the following positions:

 Team Manger(s): Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: working directly with head coach to ensure proper stat management, game day operations, post-game assistance with uniform collection and maintenance.   No experience necessary.15 hours per week.

 Sports Information Assistant/Office Assistant: Responsibilities include but are not limited to: working directly with Sports Information Director to gather stat information, post information, write press releases and generally promote the successes of the Trinity student-athletes.  Great opportunity for English majors, sports enthusiasts and future journalist.  15 hours per week.

 Game Day Operations Staff:  Responsibilities include but are not limited to: clock management, lines person, announcements, and many other areas that relate to hosting an NCAA varsity game.  This is a great opportunity to remain closely connected to a team and get an insight into event management.  15 hours per week (depending on home game schedules)

 All inquires should be directed to Assistant Athletic Director, Beth Stone @ 202-884-9686 or


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