What is the FYE?

Here at Trinity we believe in a holistic approach to student learning, which is why we have developed the First-Year Experience (FYE) to help students acclimate both academically and socially to college.  Through an integrated curriculum that addresses the collegiate experience both in and out of the classroom, students are given opportunities for intellectual, cognitive, and interpersonal growth.  Such growth will foster academic and personal success throughout their first-year at Trinity and beyond.

The FYE consists of curricular and co-curricular experiences designed to facilitate students’ transition from high school to college.  Fall New Student Orientation, Learning Communities, and on-going programs and activities provide students with opportunities to make connections with peers, faculty, and staff within the Trinity community.  These connections serve as the foundation for academic success and help ensure that when students need support, they have a network of individuals to look to.

New Student Orientation
Trinity offers a mandatory fall orientation program that takes place approximately a week before classes start.  Orientation is a time for students to make new friends, meet their faculty members, and prepare for the Trinity educational experience.  Students will participate in workshops, classroom sessions, on-campus activities, and off-campus excursions during orientation.  Orientation is a common experience shared by all Trinity sisters and is an event not to be missed!

Choosing the Right Classes
Placing students into courses that are appropriate for their interests and skill level is an important part of the First-Year Experience at Trinity.  All first-year students complete skill assessments that are used to place them into classes that match their abilities, needs, and interests.

Learning Communities
In addition to placing students into classes that match their abilities and needs, each first-year student is a member of a Learning Community.  A Learning Community is a small group of students who share a class in common, have the same academic advisor, and participate in activities and outings outside of class together as a group.  The goal of the Learning Community is to provide a small-group environment conducive to intellectual challenge and growth, engage students with material beyond the traditional classroom setting, and help students build the academic and social support networks necessary for long-lasting academic and personal success.

Programs and Activities
First-year students at Trinity are encouraged to get involved on campus and participate in all of the social and academic activities that are offered.  The FYE program partners with a number of campus departments and offices to offer programs tailored to meet the needs and interests of first-year students.  Whether it is a speaker or discussion series, social activity or workshop, all events and activities are designed to help students tackle the challenges of college life and develop the academic and life skills necessary to meet their full potential.