First Year Experience

Welcome to Trinity!

We are thrilled to support you on your path to becoming a college graduate! In spring 2016 you will start the First Year Experience. If you have recently confirmed your attendance to Trinity, there are five things you should do next (you will need your Trinity account to complete some of these steps):

  1. Choose a meta-major or declare your major
  2. RSVP for a Start Strong: Registration Day
  3. Register for classes
  4. Prepare for New Student orientation
  5. Get ready for Math!

Start Strong in spring 2016! Learn more about Trinity and get ready for your first semester!

What is FYE?

At Trinity we believe in a holistic approach to student learning, which is why we have developed the First-Year Experience (FYE) to help you acclimate both academically and socially to college.  Through an integrated curriculum that addresses the collegiate experience both in and out of the classroom, you will be given opportunities for intellectual, cognitive, and interpersonal growth.  Such growth will foster academic and personal success throughout your first-year at Trinity and beyond.

The FYE consists of curricular and co-curricular experiences designed to facilitate your transition from high school to college.  Fall New Student Orientation and on-going programs and activities will provide you with opportunities to make connections with peers, faculty, and staff within the Trinity community.  These connections serve as the foundation for academic success and help ensure that when you need support, you have a network of individuals to look to.