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FAQS: Know Your Trinity Facts!

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Fast Facts About Trinity

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Money, Money, Money!

We know that college is a big investment, and you want to know what happens with your money at Trinity.  The section below provides links to key financial information.

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Financial Report

Trinity Tuition Presentation 2016

Top Money FAQs

Tuition and Budget Information

How much does Trinity cost?

Trinity’s tuition prices and related fees vary by the school in which the student enrolls, the degree level, and whether the student is full-time or part-time.  Tuition prices also change annually.

To see the current list of tuition and fees visit the Tuition and Fees page of Trinity’s website.

For more detailed information on Trinity’s tuition, Trinity’s budget and spending allocations, please take a minute to view the Trinity Tuition Presentation 2016

How does Trinity spend my money?

The illustration below shows how Trinity spends $41 million in in Fiscal 2016.  48 cents of every dollar goes for salaries and benefits for faculty and staff.  24 cents goes back to students in the form of scholarships and grants.  10 cents of every dollar supports facilities.  The rest of the expense budget is illustrated.  Trinity can account for every penny and all expenditures are absolutely essential for the operation of an effective university.

Expense Illustration 2016Take a minute to review the Trinity Tuition Presentation 2016 on Trinity’s tuition and budget, including more detailed FAQs about how we spend your money.

Where can I get more information on Trinity’s finances?

Trinity engages the accounting firm of Brown Edwards LLP to conduct the annual audit, and the audited financial statements provide a detailed picture of Trinity’s finances. Click on the fiscal year of interest to you below to go to the audited financial statements for those years:

You can also see Trinity’s Form 990 Federal Tax Return here:


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