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For Students: Requesting Services

**Students must complete these registration steps before they can receive any accommodations.**

Before the start of EVERY SEMESTER…

(1) Meet with Disability Support Services (DSS) to get copies of your Accessibility Letter.

The Accessibility Letter will be created by the DSS staff. It will list the specific approved accommodations and other DSS services that you will receive for all known university activities that semester (i.e., classes & student organizations). For confidentiality reasons, the letter will not state your specific disability. DSS staff will sign the letter, indicating approval based on knowledge of course requirements and your academic needs.

(2) Discuss your classroom accommodations with each instructor during office hours.

Discuss your classroom accommodations and create a plan for implementation with each instructor from whom you would like to receive accommodations. Use the Accessibility Letter as a tool for discussion and contact DSS if you would like to get pointers for approaching your instructors. DSS is unable to send the letter for you or inform instructors of your accommodations on your behalf. It is your right, as well as responsibility, to disclose your Accessibility Letter to each instructor each semester even if you have taken that course or instructor previously.

(3) Sign the Accessibility Letter at the same time as your instructor and return a copy to DSS.

The return of this letter with ALL three signatures marks the official start of your classroom accommodations for that semester. Since you may decide to use accommodations in some courses and not others, it will not be assumed that you have shared the Accessibility Letter. If you choose not to share the letter with an instructor, he/she cannot be held responsible for providing classroom accommodations. Accommodations and other DSS services cannot be applied retroactively, so it is critical that you get this letter discussed and signed as early in the semester as possible. Your instructor may choose to contact DSS if he/she has questions or require more information before signing your Accessibility Letter.

Important Points to Remember