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Internships & Scholarships

Workforce Recruitment Program (More info coming soon!)

Google Scholarship (BA, MA, PhD)
Areas of Study: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering
Determination Factors: GPA (2.5+)
Award: Up to $10,000; Mentorship weekend
Deadline: May 31st

UNCF Sodexho Internship (BA)
Areas of Study: Business, Culinary, Food Service/Science, Food & Beverage, Hotel Mngmt, Hospitality Mngmt/Administration
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+)
Award: 10 week internship; $460/week stipend
Deadline: May 31st

UNCF-Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Award (BA)
Areas of Study: Life Science, Physical Science, Engineering
Determination Factors: GPA (3.3+); African-American
Award: 10-12 week internship (Jr + Sr summers) w/ $5k stipend; Up to $30k ($25k can be used for tuition & fees)
Deadline: March 31st
* Science fellowships for grad school also on website

Chevron International Studies Scholarship (BA)
Areas of Study: Engineering & Applied Sciences
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+); NSBE International membership
Award: $3k
Deadline: June 30th

At Life Technologies NSBE Scholarship (BA, 1st yr MA/PhD)
Areas of Study: Engineering, Technology, Science
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+ strict); financial NSBE membership
Award: $2.5k or $7.5k
Deadline: June 30th

NSBE O-I Corporate Scholarship Program (BA)
Areas of Study: Chemical, Mechanical, Material Science, Ceramic, Glass, Manufacturing, or Industrial Engineering
•Demonstrated leadership and community service
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+ strict); Demonstrated community service & leadership
Award: $2.5k
Deadline: June 30th

NAACP Hubertus W.V. Willems Male Scholarship (BA, MA, PhD)
Areas of Study: Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Determination Factors: GPA (2.5+ for BA; 3.0+ for MA/PhD); Financial need (<$16k ann); NAACP memebership
Award: Up to $2k (BA) or $3k (MA/Phd)
Deadline: March 31st

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program (BA, MA & PhD)
Areas of Study: Technical- Chemistry, Information Mngmt, Computing & Software Systems, Material Science, Printing Mngtmt Science, Laser Optics, Physics, All Engineering
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+); Ethnic/racial minority
Award: $1k to $10k
Deadline: Sept 30th

Charles Pierce Visiting Student Scholarship Program (BA)
Areas of Study: STEM/Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
Determination Factors: Pref. to women, minorities & 1st generation
Award: Semester internship w/housing & $10k stipend
Deadline: Oct 15 (Spring) & April 15th (Fall)

HACU National Federal Internship Program (BA, MA, PhD)
Areas of Study: All; Previous placements in Public Affairs, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Tech, Lab/Hospital, Airport, Nat’l Forest & Parks
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+); Community & campus activities
Award: Semester or summer internship w/ $450/week stipend
Deadline: June 30th (Fall), Nov 4th (Spr), & Feb 25th (Sum)
* application is general; interested agencies select from applicant pool

HSF/Marathon Oil Corporation Scholarship Program (BA, some MA)
Areas of Study: Geology (BA & MA), Geophysics (BA & MA), Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Transportation & Logistics, IT/MIS, Engineering (Chemical, Civil. Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Geotechnical, Mechanical, Petroleum), Computer Science, Energy or Petroleum Land Mngmt, Environmental Health & Safety, Global Procurement or Supply Chain Mngmt
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+); Ethnic/racial minority
Award: Up to $15k; Up to 2 years; May be offered 8-10 week paid summer internship
Deadline: Nov 15th

BP Scholarship (BA, MA, PhD)
Areas of Study: Energy Industry
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+)
Award: $2.5k
Deadline: Jan 31st

Battelle & Nat’l Society of Black Engineers Collegiate Scholarship Program (BA)
Areas of Study: Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Applied or Engineering Phsyics, & other Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Materials, Mechanical, Software)
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+); NSBE membership
Award: $5k + Internship w/sponsoring lab
Deadline: Jan 21st

NSBE Hilton Worldwide Scholarship (BA)
Areas of Study: Engineering, Science, Technology
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+ strict); African-American; NSBE membership
Award: $10k for 3 years
Deadline: Jan 21st

Jacob K. Javits Grant (MA & PhD)
Areas of Study: Arts (i.e. Creative Writing, Dance, Cinematography), Humanities (i.e. Foreign Langauges, History), and Social Sciences (i.e. Non-Clinical Psychology, Public Policy)
Determination Factors: demonstrated achievement, financial need (FAFSA), exceptional promise
Award: Up to $30k stipend; Up to $13k tuition; up to 48 months
Deadline: March 25th

United Negro College Fund: Avis Budget Group Summer Internship Program (BA, MA & PhD)
Areas of Study: Accounting, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Economics, Human Resources, Marketing
Determination Factors: GPA (3.0+); HBCU attendee
Award: 10-12 week internship; Up to $5k stipend
Deadline: Feb 28th

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (PhD)
Areas of Study: None specified; Dissertation-level
Determination Factors: high-achieving, low-income students
Award: one-time 25k
Deadline: Feb 5th

Minority Coproate Counsel Assoc/MCCA Lloyd M. Johnson Jr. Scholarship (JD)
Areas of Study: 1st Yr Law; part. Corporate Law
Determination Factors: GPA (3.2+); financial disadavantage (FAFSA); Community service & leadership experience
Award: Up to $10,000; Assistance w/ paid summer placement
Deadline: May 31st

NAACP Lilian & Samuel Sutton Education Scholarship Program (BA, MA, PhD)
Areas of Study: Education
Determination Factors: GPA (2.5+ for BA, 3.0+ for MA/PhD); Financial need (FAFSA)NAACP membership
Award: Up to $1k
Deadline: March 31st

Career Advancement Scholarships
Areas of Study: TBD
Determination Factors: TBD
Award: TBD
Deadline: TBD

Fellowship on Women & Public Policy (MA & PhD)
Areas of Study: Public Policy & Advocacy
Determination Factors:
Award: Placement in NY State agencies, gov’t or nonprofit w/$9k stipend
Deadline: Sept 1st

WREI Congressional Fellows on Women and Public Policy (MA, PhD)
Areas of Study: All; Previously Law, Medicine, Art, Science, History, Women’s Studies, Business Admin, Poli Science, Social Work, Film-making, Business, Nursing/Midwifery
Determination Factors:
Award: 8-month placement as congressional aid w/ $1450/month stipend (+ $500 for health ins) + up to $1500 for 2 sem of tuition
Deadline: May 20th


If you are a student interested in an internship or if you are an organization that has an internship opportunity for our students, please email us!