Making Teacher Evaluations Public

June 17, 2015 - Does making teacher evaluations public fix the problems in education? Continue reading
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STEM Education: Don’t Leave Reading Behind!

June 3, 2015 - Whether it be Chemistry, Calculus, Construction, or Cosmetology, we can help our students read for literacy in their area of interest and beyond. Continue reading
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Spring Cleaning – Teacher Style

May 20, 2015 - You’ve almost made it - now take that little bit of time and hit the refresh button this Spring! Continue reading
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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 5, 2015 - I don’t think I really appreciated how hard teachers work and how much they care until I started working in Continuing Education for teachers. Continue reading
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Founder’s Day

April 22, 2015 - Who founded your education? Continue reading
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Keep your Motivation Up!

April 8, 2015 - Here’s a few ideas tohelp keep your motivation up! Continue reading
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Including Valuable Life Skills in Education

March 25, 2015 - Let’s start with teaching beyond the academic subjects and expanding the boundaries of lifelong education. Continue reading
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Differentiated Instructions for Special Needs Students

March 12, 2015 - Differentiated instructions can allow the special need student to receive a quality education. Continue reading
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5 Tips to Become a Better Communicator through Email

February 25, 2015 - We communicate with others throughout the majority or our days. Do you ever stop to think about how you could communicate better? Do you want to be a better communicator? Continue reading
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6 Reasons Why Professional Development Courses are a Great Resources for Teachers

February 11, 2015 - Professional development courses are one of the greatest resources a teacher can use! Continue reading
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