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Faculty Advising Forms

  •  CAS Degree Requirements
    In addition to fulfilling general education requirements, Trinity students must complete the courses listed to fulfill major and minor requirements.
  • CAS Graduation Audit Form
    Faculty and professional advisors audit the student’s transcript to certify that all degree requirements have been met or not met by the Registrar’s deadline listed on the Academic Calendar.
  • Consortium Registration Request
    Trinity students are offered the opportunity to enroll in courses at any of these participating cross-registration institution of the Consortium: American University, The Catholic University of America, Corcoran College of Art & Design, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, The George Washington University, Georgetown University, Howard University, Marymount University, University of the District of Columbia, and University of Maryland, College Park.  The student is responsible for obtaining approval from the Academic Dean and them submitting the form to the Enrollment Services Office. The Consortium Coordinator will review the request and submit the formal request to the other institution if the request is approved.
  • Early Alert Online Form
    Faculty advisors and instructional staff notify Advisement of students that may need academic intervention.
  • Examination Conflict Resolution
    Students can resolve conflicts during the exam period (such as two exams scheduled at the same time or three exams on the same day) by filling out an Examination Conflict Resolution Request Form available through the Enrollment Services Office. If a conflict exists, some exams can be rescheduled to the Conflict Resolution Day at the discretion of the Enrollment Services Office.
  • General Education Form/Gen Ed Checklist
    In addition to fulfilling major requirements, Trinity students must complete the courses listed in the general education curriculum. The Gen Ed Checklist, along with the Major/Minor Checklist, gives the student a complete roadmap to successful degree completion.
  • Late Add/Drop Appeal
    Occasionally, due to an extenuating or unusual circumstance, it is appropriate to allow a student to make a schedule adjustment after the deadline. The student may submit a petition to add, drop or withdraw from a course if they missed a deadline because of an extenuating or unusual circumstance.
  • Request for Change of Advisor
    All arrangements for changing advisors must be made between the deadline for schedule adjustments and the week prior to registration. Freshmen are not permitted to change advisors until registration for the Spring Semester.
  • Request for Course Withdrawal
    Once the Course Schedule Adjustment period has passed, a course may not be removed from a student’s academic record for any reason, but students may still withdraw from a course at any time up to the deadline for withdrawal from all classes; exact dates are listed in the Academic Calendar.
  • Request for Incomplete (Undergraduate)
    A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is recorded only in cases judged sufficiently serious by the instructor. In all cases, the student and instructor must fill out and sign a Contract forIncomplete Form no later than the end of the final examination period, stipulating the work to be done before the grade and credit for the course will be recorded.
  • Request for Leave of Absence or Complete Withdrawal
    Students may submit a Leave of Absence for a specific amount of time or completely withdraw from Trinity. Students who submits a Complete Withdrawal and decide to return to Trinity must reapply and will abide by the application period’s academic catalogue for degree completion.
  • Request for Pass/No Pass
    Students may take a maximum of two courses in Pass/No Pass grade mode during the first 64 credits at Trinity and a maximum of two courses on a P/NP basis during the second 64 credits at Trinity. The quality of work in all classes graded P/NP must be equivalent to a “D” to receive a passing grade. A P/NP grade does not count in determining a student’s GPA. Courses taken P/NP may not count toward the fulfillment of major or minor requirements except for internships or practica.
  • Request to Take Course(s) at Another Institution
    There may be an instance where the semester schedule does not permit a Trinity student to register for a specific course needed to fulfill a degree requirement. This form serves as clarity for the student to know what transfer credit she can expect upon successful completion of the course indicated. The student must provide a course description to the advisor before approval is granted. If this course is to be used for FLC or major/minor requirements, approval from the department chair is also required. The student is responsible for submitting an official transcript to Enrollment Services once the course is completed for final evaluation of the transfer credit.
  • Schedule Adjustment Form
    Once the student is registered, there may be the need to add or drop a course before the Course Schedule Adjustment period deadline. Use this form when a registered student wishes to add or drop a course from the current schedule.

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