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Campus Housing | Spring 2015 Move-In

Move-In 2015

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Important Dates

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Deadline To Submit Required Health Forms To Health & Wellness Center

Deadline To Make Pay Arrangements Through Enrollment Services

9:00am-5:00pm-  Student Move-In Day

Monday, January 12, 2015

CAS New Student Orientation Begins

Wednesday, Wednesday January 14, 2015

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Classes Begin

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Before You Arrive On Campus

1. Contact Your Roommate

You will receive the contact information for your assigned roommate in your housing assignment letter. It is important for you to communicate with your roommate prior to move-in so that you can discuss what each of you are planning to bring to campus. There is limited space in your residence hall so please carefully consider what you items you each need separately and which you can share.

Your first instinct might be to look your new roommate up on Facebook or Instagram. While this might give you a little insight into your roommate’s likes and dislikes, remember that people can often appear different online than in person.  Do not judge a book by its cover. Give your new roommate a chance by getting to know them in person.

2. Complete Your Financial Arrangements

You must complete your financial arrangements with Enrollment Services by Sunday, January 11, 2015. You will not be allowed to move in until you have set-up a payment plan for any remaining balance on your account after your financial aid has been applied.

3. Review Important Policies

Housing Agreement 2014 2015

Residence Life Policies

Student Handbook

4. Health Forms

Trinity Washington University requires that incoming students comply with the Pre-Admission Health Policy as listed below:

1. Complete the Health History Form Part I and return to the Health and Wellness Center on the 4th Floor of Main Hall or email the form to

2. Schedule a physical exam with your health care provider, and submit the Health History Form Part 2 and Immunization Record to the Health and Wellness Center on the 4th Floor of Main Hall or email the form to

All forms must be completed and signed by your health care provider, including the Immunization Record prior to the start of the semester. If you are unable to schedule a physical exam with your health care provider and have paid the Health Center fee, an exam may be performed by the Health & Wellness Center staff.

5. Parking

Parking is regulated by the Department of Public Safety located in Main Hall B-8 directly across from the post office.

In order to park your car on-campus, you must register your vehicle and have a parking permit. After you register your vehicle, the parking permit website will allow you to print a temporary permit. Your permanent permit will be mailed to you within a few days.

Please be sure that you have the following items available to you before visit the vehicle registration website:

  • Last 4 Digits of SSN
  • Last Name (As is in Self-Service)
  • Vehicle Info:
    • License Plate, State, Year, Color, Make, Model of Car
  • Valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express Card (The cost of parking on campus for residential students is $75.00 per semester.)
  • Address to have parking permit sent to.

For more detailed instructions, you may visit the Business Office website. Please also review the full parking agreement and disclosures.

6. Cable & Internet

Trinity Washington University utilizes IPTV to provide residential students with cable. Students may connect with IPTV by using their personal computer and ethernet cord (RECOMMENDED) or through their TV using a cable box provided by the Office of Campus Housing.

The cable box lottery for first year students will take place on Monday, January 12, 2015. Each student that wishes to receive a cable box may fill out the cable box lottery form on their move-in day and return it to their RC. Please note that there are not enough cable boxes for each student that wants one so it is recommended that you invest in a personal computer and ethernet cord.

7. Join the Student Affairs Facebook page.

Want to know what’s happening on campus?  Like our Facebook page!

8. Subscribe to the Trinity Emergency and Weather Communications Notification System.

Text “Follow Trinitydcalerts” to 40404 on your cell phone and you will get instant alerts about Trinity’s status and directions in emergencies.

9. Interested in Athletics?

Check out the Trinity Athletics website to see all of the different sports teams we offer.

Fall Sports: Soccer and Volleyball
Winter Sports: Basketball
Spring Sports: Softball and Tennis

Contact Amy Olson, Interim Director of Athletics at 202-884-9083 or if you are interested in trying out for a specific sports team.

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What To Bring

What To Bring Checklist

What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet

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What To Expect On Move-In Day

Move-in day is filled with anticipation and excitement, but the day also can be challenging—both for students and parents.

Families should expect move-in day to be high-stress, emotional and a bit chaotic. To get through it, students and family members need to stay open to the unexpected and in the moment as much as possible.

10 tips that can make for a smoother experience:

1. Know what is provided in the residence hall room and what you’ll need to bring. Check the  Housing Agreement 2014 2015 and the Trinity Residence Life Policies website for details. Keep in mind that certain items may not be allowed, including candles, space heaters, bed lifts, extension cords and toaster ovens.

2. Be aware of schedules. Move-in dates may be assigned according class states (i.e.-first year, transfer, returning, etc). Campus housing staff members try to streamline the process but prepare to wait in line for check-in. Families should pack-up belongings in boxes and bring dollies to assist with moving their student’s belongings into her room.

3. Remember that room setup usually is first-come, first-served. Students should communicate with roommates before move-in day to plan the room arrangement and what items each will bring.

4. Bring basic tools. You want to avoid unanticipated trips to the hardware store in an unfamiliar area , especially since you could lose your campus parking space. Bring tools that include a measuring tape, screwdrivers, a cordless drill, duct tape, pliers, a utility knife and a level.

5. Bring miscellaneous supplies. You might need bottled water, snacks, scissors, thumbtacks, clothes hangers, pocket change for snack machines, a flashlight and basic cleaning materials, including window washing solution and a small whisk broom.

6. Consider the weather. The residence hall, and certainly the stairwells, may not be air-conditioned, so dress accordingly. You can get overheated traveling up and down a stairwell in late summer. Likewise, be prepared for wet or windy weather.

7. Inspect the room before you unpack and notate any damages already present on the room condition report. The student could be assessed a fee later for damages already present at move-in time. Common problems include tears in screens, chips in walls and gouges in doors. Also, report any major facility issues such as broken windows, no AC, or trouble with locking the room door to a Campus Housing staff member right away.

8. Have fun. Try to stay relaxed and keep your schedule flexible. Aim for positive memories. After all, the day is a milestone and a new beginning for both students and parents.

Dining Services

The Alumnae Dining Hall will open on Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 5:00pm for the spring semester. The Alumnae Dining Hall is located on the first floor of Alumnae Hall. Food is served all you can eat buffet style.

Seasons will open on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 7:30am for the spring semester. Seasons is located in the basement of Main Hall.

For questions or further information, contact Gretchen Westgren, Director of Dining Service & Catering at 202-884-9130 or


Your mailing address will be:
Trinity Washington University
125 Michigan Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20017

You may stop by the Post Office located in Main Hall B11 to receive further information about your mailbox from Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm.

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For more information contact Catherine Hopkins, Director of Campus Housing at 202-884-9316 or email



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