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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for Housing?

The campus housing application for undergraduate students can be completed any time between November 1, 2014 and December 1, 2014. If you will be a new student at Trinity, you will need to submit a $200 deposit to the Admissions Office prior to submitting your campus housing application.

Current Trinity students that live on-campus may participate in the Room Selection process for Fall 2015 on April 1, 2015 and April 2, 2015 if they are cleared through Enrollment Services.

Trinity retains the right to assign and re-assign rooms when it is deemed necessary by the Office of Campus Housing.

When will I receive my housing assignment/roommate information?

Room assignment information packets are mailed out from mid-July through early August for the fall semester and between mid-November through early January for the spring semester.  In order to receive a room assignment, you must complete your FAFSA and any other paperwork that Financial Aid has requested from you and register full-time for fall classes.

When is the move-in date?

For Spring 2015, new students may move in on Thursday, January 8, 2015 between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  Returning students may move in on Sunday, January 11, 2015

How do I request an exemption from the meal plan?

You may discuss an exemption from the meal plan through the Dean of Student Services, Main Hall 223. Exemptions are granted based on a verified medical or religious necessity. Documentation will be required in order to be considered.

Roommate Information

Each student that completes the Campus Housing application receives the opportunity to communicate her preferences for a roommate or designate a specific person. This is used to match residents together so it is important that students take the time to answer all questions honestly and accurately. While we make an effort to match residents with similar answers together, there will be times when this will not be possible.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?

The best way to get off on the right foot and minimize conflicts is to be positive, keep an open mind and understand great roommates DO NOT have to be best friends!

When placing residents together, we are looking to pair students who can maintain civility and respect based on some basic lifestyle similarities. After move-in, your RC will help you begin your living relationship with a guided discussion on what makes you and your roommate comfortable. After the discussion, you and your roommate will complete a roommate agreement that your RC will keep on file in case further discussion becomes necessary.

If we don’t get along, can I move?

If you find you are not getting along with your roommate, we ask that

  1. Communicate with your roommate in an effort to rectify the problem.
  2. If after that conversation, roommates cannot work their problems out, you should speak with your Resident Coordinator about mediation.
  3. If mediation is unsuccessful, you can discuss a possible room change with your Resident Coordinator.  Room changes ARE NOT permitted before September 2, 2013 and must be officially approved by the Office of Campus Housing. An improper room change will be considered a violation of the Housing Agreement and disciplinary action may be taken.

Housing & Campus Resources

What type of meal plan do I have?

All students residing on campus must be on one of the University’s meal plans except for seniors and graduate students living in Main Hall. Upperclassmen may change their choice of the meal plan until the add/drop period ends each semseter. All first year students are required to be on the 19 meal plan during their first year.

What’s in my room and residence hall? Will I have cable/Internet?

All rooms have internet ports; the halls also have WiFi access. Our cable is web-based which allows residents the ability to access cable from thier laptops and or PC\’s as well as their TV’s.  All you need is to have an Ethernet card in your computer and an Ethernet cord to connect your computer to the network, a TV and a personal phone.

Computers: Most new computers already have Ethernet cards installed in them. Laptops can be ideal as you have the ability to get online in cyber café areas and labs throughout campus by WiFi. If you have additional questions please contact Technology Services.

Phone: You will need to bring your own phone. When you move in, you will receive a campus phone number. All rooms have free local calling service and voice mail. Additional information may be given upon your arrival.

IPTV/Cable: Trinity offers IPTV Cable access. The unique program offers the following channels. Also, because it’s unique to Trinity, the community has the option of accessing cable both by TV and computer.  Please note that Trinity has a limited number of set top boxes that allow students to utilize IPTV on their TV.

Where can I do my laundry?

Each residence hall has its own laundry facility. Machines require quarters and it costs $1.00 to wash a load of clothes and $1.00 to dry a load of clothes. Our machines are not HE and we ask that students use liquid laundry detergent only.

What can I bring to furnish my room?

Please see: Furnishing Your Room for the most complete list

What size sheets should I bring?  Regular twin sheets

Refrigeration: Residents are allowed to have one fridge per room and no more than 3.0 cubic feet in size.   Kerby Hall residents may have one microwave (0.7 cubic feet & 700 watts or less) and one mini fridge per room.

Storage: Unfortunately, there is no storage available at Trinity; however there are a number of storage facilities available in the DC area.

Pets: No pets of any kind are permitted in the residence halls.

Smoking: Trinity is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is prohibited in ANY residence hall. Students that wish to smoke must do so in Lot 4 next to Cuvilly Hall, Lot 5 next to Kerby Hall, or on the sidewalk along Michigan Ave.

What do I do in the event of an emergency?

Students should immediately call Public Safety at ext. 9111 who will then contact the Campus Housing Staff person on-call to respond. The Campus Housing staff person on-call can also be reached directly at 202-657-1295. In the event of a serious medical concern or accident, Public Safety will call an ambulance for immediate transport to an area hospital.

How do I get a letter to verify that I have lived on campus?

You need to complete the enrollment verification form and submit it to the Office of Enrollment Services. Be sure to check the box that says “Other” and then write “Verification of On-Campus Residency from DATE to DATE.”

Facilities questions


All residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. Housekeeping staff cleans hallways, common areas and community style bathrooms. HOWEVER, please bring cleaning supplies of your own in order to maintain dishes and typical upkeep and overall cleanliness. NOTE: Housekeeping IS NOT responsible for cleaning up after you. Please show respect for your community and govern yourself accordingly.

Items to remember: Please see Furnishing Your Room.

Bed Bugs

What if I suspect there are bed bugs in my room?  Notify a Campus Housing staff member immediately.  The Office of Campus Housing can be reached at (202) 884-9316 during the day or at (202) 657-1295 after 5:00pm.  Follow the instructions exactly and in a timely manner.  Review the Bed Bug FAQs for additional information.

For more information contact Catherine Hopkins, Director of Campus Housing at 202-884-9316 or email



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