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BGS Research Resources

On this page, you will find many forms of resources to assist you in completing an academic research project using reliable methods to develop valid data and to determine evidence-based conclusions.


BGS IRB (Institutional Review Board) Documents

Below are the IRB application and other documents you will need to prepare to submit your IRB application in your Senior Seminar, Capstone, or Thesis courses.  Be sure to read them all prior to completing your application to ensure a timely response from the BGS IRB committee.  Please note that there are two applications: One for studies with human participants, and one for exempt studies, which do not have human participants.  Please submit the correct application in its entirety.  The School of Business and Graduate Studies does not endorse research, which involves children, those who are not of majority (age of consent), or those with limited understanding of informed consent.  *These are the only authorized BGS documents for the BGS IRB process.


BGS IRB-instructions

BGS IRB Informed Consent Nov 2016

BGS-IRB-Application for Studies with Human Participants

BGS IRB Exempt Application

To contact the BGS IRB committee with questions or concerns call (202) 884-9620, or email with BGS IRB in the subject line.

Training in the Responsibilities for Human Rights and Ethics for Researchers

To best understand the researcher and the institution’s responsibility the BGS recommends that all researchers undergo the free Ethics in Research and IRB training (HHS OHPR compliant) offered by the National Institute of Health (NIH).  This training requires only the creation of a secure login and is free of charge.  This training is offered online and also in a PDF format (requires an Internet connection for some sections).  This training is also offered in Spanish language.

Recommended Texts for Assistance in Academic Research Writing

Measurements and Assessments for Research

The Academy of Management has a published searchable WIKI sorted by their measurement instrument (surveys, questionnaires, tests, & interventions).  Take the time to look and see what other scholars have been investigating in your topic of interest. These are especially helpful for students interested in management and leadership topics, for example, the MSA concentrations and the MBA. MA in Strategic Communication and Public Relations students interested in organizational communication and leadership might also find them interesting.  Some of these resources are free and some have a fee.  All require reference and citation in your paper if you use them.  Some may require copyright notification in your paper.

Recommended Texts for Research Methods and Research Writing

Keep in mind that the texts referenced in this list often have new editions.  Older, used editions might be adequate to suit your needs.  However, new texts will include new practices, information, and resources.

MSA Capstone Papers – Examples

The research papers presented below are good resources for understanding how others have solved the issues of the capstone paper.  Remember these examples might not be perfect and that your instructor might expect more or different of you in writing your paper.  Further, there are many other students who have completed exemplary work.  Ask your BGS faculty or advisor for futher suggestionsandn examples.  However, these are examples worthy of your critical reading and assessment.  Those marked as four-chapter are submitted in the current format, BGS Academic Publishing Style.  Those in the five-chapter have the same content but more of it in the literature review, and their Research Methods chapters can inform the Introduction and IRB application of the new four-chapter format. Please refer to your capstone instructor for questions regarding content, formatting, and research and data analysis strategy.



Quantitative (Survey)

Quantitative (Secondary Data)

Qualitative (Interviews)

Mixed Methods

Content Analysis

Fall 2013 ADMN 699-3 Capstone Project Papers

We look forward to reading your final papers for the capstone course and to see how far you raise the bar!

Research Rescue Lab

Documents, power points, and other materials provided by the BGS faculty in the Research Rescue lab sessions.

Dr. Wood’s Capstone Quick Start Guide

Be prepared to begin writing your Capstone or Thesis semester from the first day of the course by preparing in advance.  It is recommended that students who have completed the INT 601 Introduction to Research Design and Methods course begin the Capstone Quick Start to prepare their proposals prior to the start of their Capstone semester.  Of course, you may begin as soon as you would like.  Yes, even in your first semester!

Capstone Checklists

Start with the Capstone Quick Start Checklist to determine what you need to know to develop your topic into a research paper.  Then move to the Proposal, next the IRB Application, and finish with the Final Publication Copy.

Determining a Great Research Topic

Use this worksheet to assist in narrowing your topic, developing your overall research question, determining the problem to be addressed and its significance.

Developing a Solid Argument, Theory Review, or Literature Review

Use Stephen Toulmin’s argument structure to analyze research articles and more importantly to develop the argument (logic) in your research paper.  Pierce and Newstrom explain how to get the most out of an advanced scientific journal article or research paper.  Steinberg’s examples show how a Literature Review might be introduced and shows several forms of citing summarized works. Reece provides a Literature Review on Critical Thinking that offers examples of summarizing works.  Dworak Araujo’s Dissertation provides examples of clear concise language in a research paper format.

Writing the Literature Review

The following power point, briefly discusses argument and syllogism, the argument, and using citations to multiple sources, then gives an overview of the literature review.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is so common in our society today, we often do not recognize when we are plagiarizing in an academic paper.  It is particularly offensive in the academic community when most research is produced for goodwill and goes unpaid.  Additionally, plagiarizing can dis-empower our own voice, making us subject to the thoughts and opinions of others.  Use the APA tutorial and the VAIL tutor to add to your knowledge and skill in writing clearly and in citing to make your sources explicit.

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