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Meet Student Athlete Ismanuela Denis

DSC_1871A native of Brooklyn, NY, Ismanuela “Izzy” Denis, is a junior soccer player at Trinity. Izzy is a Sociology major with a minor in Political Science.

1. What is something that has had a grave impact on your life?

I would have to say growing up in my neighborhood.  There’s a lot of crime and poverty in my neighborhood, and not many people have the opportunity to “get out”.  I was determined from a young age to rise above my circumstances, and leave my neighborhood to broaden my perspective on life.

2.  What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I don’t have much free time between my internship, work, classes, and athletics, so the majority of it goes to sleeping and hanging out with my friends.  I really love to sleep!

3.  If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I would like to be able to read minds.  If I could read minds I would know exactly what everyone else what thinking, it would give me a leg up on everybody else.

4.  What do you find most challenging about being a student-athlete?

It’s very important to have good time management.  When you become an upperclassman and get into your major classes, are working, playing sports, and have an internship, you need to make sure you can balance all of your activities and keep your grades up.

5.  What home-cooked meal do you miss the most when you are away at school?

I miss my mother’s diriak djon djon ( Haitian black rice ) and plantains.  Every time I eat diriak djon djon, it reminds me of home.

6.  What was your first impression of Trinity?

Everyone was very welcoming, helpful, and made me feel at home.  Things in DC however were slightly different than New York, I was used to more of a “busy” environment.

7.  What is your favorite class you have ever taken here at Trinity?

Professor Rivers English 105.  When I came to Trinity I had a lot of trouble with my writing structure.  Professor Rivers helped me become a better writer; she still assists me today and challenges me to do better everyday.


Edited: January 6th, 2014

Meet Student Athlete Asya Tucker

photo[1]A native of Heidelberg, Germany, Asya Tucker, is a junior soccer player at Trinity.  Asya is a Chemistry major with a 3.65 GPA who is interested in going to dental school and being in the Air Force. 

1. What would you say is one of the major differences between living in Heidelberg, Germany and living in Washington, D.C.

Everything (with a chuckle)! For one, the culture is very different.  Here, everything is based on convenience with no sense of punctuality, where in Germany, things are convenient, yet punctual as well.  Second is the speed limit, driving in the states is incredibly slow and there is way too much traffic. There is NO speed limit in Germany, very hard to get used to driving here!

2.  If you had one million dollars, what would you do with it?

I would save a lot of it (yes, I’m frugal). I would also use it to travel the world, see different cultures, and spoil my family.

3.  What is your most annoying habit?

I worry a lot, and when I worry, I bite my nails!!

4.  What do you find most challenging about being a student-athlete?

It is difficult to get all of my work done, but I have found that time management is the key for me.  At Trinity, as long as I have communication with my teachers and get my work done, they work with me.

5.  What was your first impression of Trinity Washington University?

It was GREAT!!  I played on a Junior College soccer team; we were beating Trinity but the team fought the whole way through the game.  The fans in the stands were cheering the whole time and I could just sense the school unity.   Now that I have transferred here, I am glad to be on the inside looking out.

6.  What is your favorite piece of clothing?

My hand woven, Istanbulian, wool socks.   I got them as a gift from a friend who traveled to Istanbul.

7.  What is your favorite class you have ever taken here at Trinity?

Would have to be Religion and Science: Crisis, Conflict, and the Transformation of Cultures, taught by Dr. Mary Lynn Rampolla.  It was such an amazing and interesting subject, a great class, taught by a great professor.

Edited: December 16th, 2013

Trinity Tigers Earn GSAC Honors

 IMG_3155Washington, DC-  Six Trinity Tiger athletes earned 2013 Great South Athletic Conference (GSAC ) honors.  All awards were announced at the GSAC Championships this past weekend.  This is the first year any Trinity athletes have received GSAC All-Conference awards.

For soccer, Aysa Tucker and Abla Alodjinou were named to the GSAC All-Conference and All-Freshman teams respectfully.  Tucker also made the All-Academic team, as did Kyla Goss-BrownDomonique Meriedy received the Sportsmanship Award.

For a full list of GSAC Women’s Soccer All-Conference winners, please click here.

For Volleyball, Keesha Johnson was named to the GSAC All-Conference team, while Brittany Wilkerson made the All-Academic team and also received the Sportsmanship Award.

For a full list of GSAC Women’s Volleyball All-Conference winners, please click here.

Edited: November 11th, 2013

Soccer and Volleyball Travel to GSAC Tournament


Washington, DC-  Trinity Tiger soccer and volleyball teams head to the Great South Athletic Conference (GSAC) tournament at Salem College tomorrow November 7th.  This is the first year either of the teams has gone to the conference tournament.  Tiger Volleyball is the 6th seed, and will play the 3rd seed Wesleyan at 2:00pm Friday November 8th.  Tiger soccer is also the 6th seed, and will also play the 3rd seed Wesleyan at 2:30pm.  Tournament scores will be updated on a regular basis on this link.   GO TIGERS!!

2013 GSAC Soccer Championship Bracket

2013 GSAC Volleyball Championship Bracket

Edited: November 6th, 2013

Tiger Soccer Falls to WAU Shock

Box Score

photoWashington, DC– The Trinity Tigers soccer team fell 3-0 in their last regular season game yesterday against the Washington Adventist Shock.  The Shock scored 2 points in the first half, while the Tigers held them to just one goal in the second half.  Trinity was outshot 22-5 and 11-2 on goal.   Freshman Claudia Merlos, and Senior Domonique Meriedy each had one shot on goal for the Tigers, but the Shock goalkeeper Tasheika Russell made two incredible saves to keep Trinity from scoring.

The Tigers will head to the Great South Atlantic Conference (GSAC) tournament next, November 8th-10th in Salem, NC.

Edited: October 29th, 2013

Dominique Meriedy: Student Athlete Profile of the Week

domoDominique (Domo) Meriedy, a Washingtonian is a Trinity Tiger senior tri- student-sthlete (soccer, basketball and lacrosse).  Domo is studying Criminal Justice and hopes to work in law enforcement.

1.  Who is your favorite super hero? Why?

Wolverine from Marvel comic X-MEN is my favorite super hero. I feel as if we have something in common (with a grin).

2.  What is your favorite class at Trinity?

I really enjoyed my Law Enforcement class the most.

3.  Who would you consider to be your mentor? 

I would have to say my mother, because whenever I feel like giving up she keeps on pushing me.  I can’t wait to reward her by walking across the stage in May (2014).

4.  What is your favorite food?

I love my grandmothers famous homemade mash potatoes.

5.  What is your favorite part of being a Trinity student-athlete?

I enjoy the rewards that I receive, such as being recognized on campus.

6.  What is something you enjoy to do in your leisure time?

I enjoy surfing the web and also making music beats.

7.  Can you sing…on tune?

NO! (Friend is sitting beside her nodding her head yes..)

8.  Where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?

I would like to see myself established in my career, living lavish, and having stability in live.

Edited: October 8th, 2013

Tiger Soccer Fights Hard, But Come Up With A Draw

Box Score

DSC_1990Washington, DC–  Tigers played with no subs the entire game due to injuries and still managed to pull off a 1-1 tie going into double overtime vs Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC).

The first goal of the game came in the 13th minute by VFCC midfielder Stephanie Kriegbaum.  Although the Tigers had 7 shots in the first half, they couldn’t put one in the back of the net.  However, in the 5th minute of the second half, Ismanuela Denis was taken down in the 18 yard box and Trinity was given a penalty kick.  Junior Aysa Tucker took the Penalty Kick for the Tigers and placing it in the far left corner of the net to tie the game 1-1.  The remainder of the half and both overtimes were played hard by both teams with the Patriots taking 9 more shots and the Tigers 12 more shots, yet thanks to excellent play by both keepers, no more points were scored.

This game marked the first tie of the season for the Tigers (0-1-6).


Edited: September 24th, 2013

Claudia Merlos Is Highlighted in DC Scores Blog

P1100153Washington, DC-  Freshman Soccer player Claudia Merlos was featured in the DC Scores blog.  “DC SCORES builds teams through after school programs for 1,500 low-income DC youth at 47 schools by instilling self-expression, physical fitness, and a sense of community. DC SCORES accomplishes this in an innovative model combining poetry, soccer, and service-learning year-round.” www.americascores.org  Claudia is one of the nine freshman on the Tiger soccer team this year that were brought in to build the program.



Edited: September 19th, 2013

Trinity Soccer Falls 3-0 to Marymount University



Box Score

Washington, DC- The Trinity Tigers fought hard against Marymount University in their third home contest this season but couldn’t come away with a victory as they fell 3-0.

Although Marymount had 25 shots in the first half, Trinity held Marymount to one goal with keeper Becky Battistelli making eight saves.    The Tigers continued their hard play in the second half fending off 23 shots, with keeper Kyla Goss-Brown making ten saves and only letting in two goals.

The Tigers (0-5) go on the road Wednesday, September 18 to Eastern Mennonite (4-1).  The game can be viewed through webcast http://emuroyals.nmtvsports.com/.

Edited: September 16th, 2013

Box Score

October 1, 2012

Women’s Soccer Plays to 2OT Draw with Valley Forge

The Trinity Tigers soccer team fought hard to the end for a 1-1 tie against Valley Forge Patriots for their fist tie of the season.  With a 0-0 tie up until the last six minutes of the game, Sarah Stark of Valley Forge knocked one in from the top of the 18 yard box in the 85th minute.   Trinity didn’t let down and countered as Senior, Charity Blackwell Placed one in the upper left corner in the last minute of the game making the score 1-1. 

With 17 shots on net by Valley Forge, Trinity goal keeper Kyla Brown recorded 16 saves in the game.  Stephanie Kriegbaum from Valley Forge recorded five saves for the match.  Leading the Patriots for shots were Sarah Stark with ten, Morgan Goodman with nine.  For the Tigers, Charity Blackwell had six shots and Asya Tucker three. 

Up next, Trinity soccer team will travel to Rosemont College Thursday, Oct. 4th for a 4pm match.

Edited: October 2nd, 2012