Dominique Meriedy: Student Athlete Profile of the Week

domoDominique (Domo) Meriedy, a Washingtonian is a Trinity Tiger senior tri- student-sthlete (soccer, basketball and lacrosse).  Domo is studying Criminal Justice and hopes to work in law enforcement.

1.  Who is your favorite super hero? Why?

Wolverine from Marvel comic X-MEN is my favorite super hero. I feel as if we have something in common (with a grin).

2.  What is your favorite class at Trinity?

I really enjoyed my Law Enforcement class the most.

3.  Who would you consider to be your mentor? 

I would have to say my mother, because whenever I feel like giving up she keeps on pushing me.  I can’t wait to reward her by walking across the stage in May (2014).

4.  What is your favorite food?

I love my grandmothers famous homemade mash potatoes.

5.  What is your favorite part of being a Trinity student-athlete?

I enjoy the rewards that I receive, such as being recognized on campus.

6.  What is something you enjoy to do in your leisure time?

I enjoy surfing the web and also making music beats.

7.  Can you sing…on tune?

NO! (Friend is sitting beside her nodding her head yes..)

8.  Where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?

I would like to see myself established in my career, living lavish, and having stability in live.

Posted: October 8th, 2013 under Basketball, Soccer.

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