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Meet The Admissions Staff

he Office of Admissions is here to support and guide you through the admissions process at Trinity Washington University! Please contact us at 202-884-9400 or admissions@trinitydc.edu to discuss your educational aspirations, schedule an appointment, or request assistance with your application.

Office of Admissions

Dr. Stephanie Krusemark
Vice President for Enrollment Development

Dr. Krusemark serves as the Vice President for Enrollment Development for Trinity Washington University. She brings over a decade of successful experience in undergraduate and graduate recruitment, marketing, admissions, and enrollment management,  strategies, policies, and practices for private liberal arts, research, and spiritually affiliated higher education institutions in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, D. C. She recently served as the Assistant Dean of Marketing and Enrollment Management for the School of Education and Psychology at Santa Clara University where she made a significant impact on the new student enrollment goals for the school including an increase to its diversity.

She holds a PhD in Higher Education Administration with an emphasis in Diversity and Higher Learning from the University of Denver, a master’s degree in Arts Administration from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of St. Thomas. She has been affiliated with the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals, National Association of College Admissions Counselors, National Student Affairs Professionals Association, American Educational Research Association, Association for the Study of Higher Education and the Critical Race Studies in Education Association amongst many other national and regional associations focused on access, retention and inclusive excellence in higher education.

She was called to Trinity after watching the video interview titled, How an Elite Women’s College Lost Its Base and Found Its Mission, which featured President McGuire’s articulate description of institution’s mission; one that continues to remain committed to providing focused and intentional access and equity to higher education to those who have historically been undeserved and excluded. The institution’s approach to higher education is relevant to Dr. Krusemark’s admissions experience and doctoral-level research that focuses on the psychological impact of the physical campus environment on African American women’s sense of self and sense of safety.

She finds balance and inspiration through reading, urban hiking, trail walking, practicing yoga, Pilates and meditation, experiencing African American dance, listening to jazz and painting in acrylics.


Derrick Davis
Executive Director of Enrollment Development

Derrick serves as the Executive Director of Enrollment Development for the Office of Admissions. He became interested in working at Trinity Washington University because of the institutional mission and rich history  it has in the D. C. metropolitan area. He respects, appreciates and supports the core values of the institution.

Derrick believes in the power of higher education because it is through the credentials and experience of a college degree that one can leverage their opportunities for success. More specifically, he can align with the vision on Trinity Washington University and the degree programs that it offers because the institution assists a special population of students that have traditionally been discouraged and at times left behind in the education system.

He has competed in two marathons, one half marathon and most recently in the summer of 2015, completed his first Spartan Race. That was his hardest physical challenge yet. Derrick loves riding his motorcycle and the companionship of his dog Bow (Pitbull/Bull Mastiff). His strengths are being genuine, patient and keeping an open mind to all forms of diversity.

College of Arts and Sciences

Iris pictureIris Escarraman
Senior Associate Director of Enrollment Development and Community Partnerships


Iris serves as the Senior Associate Director of Enrollment Development and Community Partnerships for the College of Arts and Sciences. In her role, she focuses on community partnerships, transfer students and the Dreamer Scholarship cohort and the Conway Nursing cohort.  Iris graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Trinity Washington University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in counseling. Iris enjoys working with first-generation students who like herself value education, women leadership and growth. Iris believes that Trinity empowered her to be a leader and help advocate through social justice for those in her community. Iris enjoys traveling and spending time with her dog Panda. She has great strengths in encouraging young women to achieve their goals through higher education.


Jessica Stamp
Enrollment Recruiter

Jessica serves as the Enrollment Recruiter for the College of Arts and Sciences. I graduated from Trinity in 2014, with a dual bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Communications. Being an alumna and knowing that I would have a say in who is admitted into my alma mater is what drew me into coming back and working full time at Trinity. The part of my job that I enjoy the most is having the opportunity to interact with prospective students and being an instrumental asset to their exploration of Trinity, as they determine if we are the best fit for them.

I believe that the power of higher education is the key to our student’s success. It provides our students a well-rounding experience that goes beyond the classrooms and into their personal and professional lives. Our overall goal as a liberal arts women’s institution of higher learning is to foster the foundations of leadership that will mold our young ladies into inspirational leaders in society.

An interesting fact about me is that I am the first person in my family to go to college and to truly adapt to the “American lifestyle”. With that being said, I discovered my strength at Trinity through all the different activities that I participated in. I was a student-athlete committed to the Tennis team and won MVP for the 2012 playing session. I served as President of the Student Government Association, participated in the gospel choirs and in a variety of clubs around campus. In conclusion, at Trinity I discovered that my strength was to be great and to not be afraid to hold positions of leadership.


Yetanda Massey
Enrollment Recruiter

Yetanda serves as an Enrollment Recruiter for the College of Arts and Sciences.  Ms. Massey earned her Master of Arts in Science Education from The Steinhart School of Education and Human Development at New York University and her Bachelors in Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Ms. Massey takes delight in working at Trinity Washington University because knows she plays a vital part in empowering young women to set their course for becoming powerful global leaders in the 21 century. Ms. Massey believes higher education can opens doors far beyond ones imagination, and a Trinity education creates women who are capable, unafraid, and apologetic as they walk through those doors.

Ms. Massey is nature lover, given the name “Doctor Doolittle” by her walking friends. She enjoys cooking, especially when it means bring out the big tools, like her food processor! Life would not be life without her continuously growing relationship with God and quality time spent with her family and friends.

Ms. Massey is a leader, motivator, and encourager and is committed to helping others discover their strength.


Kenya Kirkland
Enrollment Recruiter

I am an enrollment recruiter for the College of Arts and Sciences. I graduated from Georgetown University where I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Master’s of Arts in Social and Public Policy. I am honored to work for a university that values women and education and is committed to serving the community; it is the reason I choose Trinity (in addition to the wonderful people). The most rewarding part of my job is working with young women and helping them surpass expectations. I personally experienced the impact of education and know how transformative a Trinity education can be for young women.

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, traveling, reading, and trying new foods. My strengths include loyalty, hard work, and a love for learning.

School of Business and Graduate Studies

Deborah Bandzerewicz
Enrollment Recruiter

Deborah serves as the Enrollment Recruiter for the School of Business and Graduate Studies. She brings many years of experience in business development and professional recruiting. In her current role, she works with prospective students interested in the M.A. in Strategic Communications and Public Relations, M. S. A. in Organizational Development and the M. B. A. degree programs.

School of Education

Van Den Bossche, KristenKristen Van Den Bossche
Director of Enrollment Development

Kristen serves as the Director of Enrollment Development for the School of Education, and has been at Trinity since 2013. She has her Master’s of Education degree in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University. She came to Trinity from South Florida where she worked in admissions for five years, and chose her role at Trinity in an effort to serve the mission of the institution and to provide excellent service to students in the D. C. area who are making the exciting choice to pursue post-secondary education in teaching, counseling and administration.

She strongly believes that Trinity creates leaders who are not only trained here in the D. C. area, but who take their wealth of knowledge and use it to serve their communities here at home, making this part of the country a better and stronger place to live and work. In fact, she believes so much in the strength of the education offered here at Trinity that she is pursuing her second master’s degree as a Trinity graduate student!

Kristen is an animal lover and spends much of her time with her cat Noodle, and whenever she has free time she spends it taking weekend trips to visit her family in Ohio or to new and exciting places where she can learn more about other cultures. Ask her if you’re looking for the best sushi restaurant in town!

Kristen brings with her energy and enthusiasm to celebrate Trinity’s students and their commitments to continuing education. She hopes to give each and every student she serves an excellent service experience, and she looks forward each year to graduation where she can congratulate each of the students she’s worked with on their amazing accomplishments.

School of Nursing and Health Professions

Arianne MartinArianne Martin
Senior Enrollment Recruiter

Arianne serves as the Senior Recruiter for the School Nursing and Health Professions. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Hartwick College.

Arianne previously recruited and supported adult learners to succeed as nurses at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland. She came to Trinity Washington University to continue that mission. She enjoys working with traditional and adult learners  who are seeking the opportunity to rise above their challenges and assisting them in finding their strength  to become a nurse or in health professions at Trinity Washington University. It is a pleasure to work with dedicated and talented colleagues that believe in the same vision.

Outside of work Arianne enjoys reading James Patterson and Danielle Steele novels. She also finds pleasure in going to local farmers markets and creating new dishes, as well as taking daily walks in her neighborhood in DC.

Trinity Washington University’s Discover Your Strength campaign resonates with her own strengths in sharing the nursing and health professions program opportunities and being able to communicate that message to traditional and adult learners. She is passionate about being an advocate for our current and prospective traditional and adult learners.

School of Professional Studies

Russell Washington
Enrollment Recruiter

Russell serve as an Enrollment Recruiter for the School of Professional Studies.  He graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies.  Russell has over five years of higher education experience, and really enjoys helping individuals achieve their career goals through education.  He realized that their decision when applying for college has a lot to do with their experience through the admissions process.  You have one time to make a first impression with a student when they visit or speak with you, and he always wants to get it right the first time. Russell has the ability to motivate people and connect with them in person, over the phone or through email.

He came to Trinity Washington University because he believes in the values of the institution, and being in the nation’s capital gives him a bigger arena to make an impact in the community.  A fun fact about Russell is that he won prom king in high school. Also, he has been a fitness model and actually have his own website.  One of Russell’s favorite quotes is “Education is the key to success in life.” -Solomon Ortiz. When he’s not working, he enjoys working out, spending time with family, and traveling.

Data and Operations Staff

Tyler Martin
Data/Operations Manager




Ashley Horton
Enrollment Support Specialist

Ashley serves as the Enrollment Support Specialist for the Office of Admissions. In her role, Ashley is the first point of contact for all visitors and guests. As a 2014 Trinity alumna of the Master of Arts in Communications degree program, Ashley brings a wealth of experience including: media coordination, production assistance, event coordination, social media and web marketing. Recently, she served as the Media Coordinator for BET in its national headquarters in Washington, D. C. She has also served as a Production Assistant for Fox 45 in Baltimore, Maryland and as a Master Control Operator for WTVZ in Norfolk, Virginia. Ashley’s experience in commercial television media brings a consummate level of professionalism, creativity, and a world-class smile to the Admissions team.


Exer PictureExer Jefferson
Data Entry Specialist

Exer serves as the Data Entry Specialist for the Office of Admissions. She is responsible for processing applications and inquiries, maintain file management, process and update student credentials, and runs daily reports. She has worked in higher education over 15 years and enjoys knowing that she is helping someone further their education and pursuing their dreams.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, movies, trying new foods, and serving the community through her church.  Exer’s strength is her strong work ethic.

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