Haskins continues to lead trainings on problem gambling

- Dr. Haskins (Counseling Program Director and Assistant Professor of Counseling) recently led two trainings as part of her work with the Maryland Council of Problem Gambling.
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Hsieh publishes with former students in Chemical Physics Letters

- Dr. Shizuka Hsieh (Associate Professor of Chemistry in CAS and Assistant Provost for the Sciences) recently published a journal article with 3 former students.
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Nyamekye publishes article in For the Learning of Mathematics

- Dr. Nyamekye (Mathematics Specialist in SPS) recently had an article titled, "Separate Schooling for Black Adolescent Mathematics Learners" published.
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Bilen Thorbjornsen’s recent publications

- Wendy Thorbjornsen (Assistant Professor of English in CAS) has published a number of items in the past year, including a book review and two personal essays.
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Stocker presented at Summit on Cross Continental Cooperation

- Dr. James Stocker (Assistant Professor of International Affairs in CAS) recently spoke at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy's Washington, D.C., Summit on Cross Continental Cooperation.
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